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  1. Ohhhhh sechs. I bet you're overwhelmed that you finally got the G3 Perfect .
  2. What are they doing in that last photo? ohhhh its lesbian incest. Nice, is that a real wood stock?
  3. Its to stop CIA Satellites locating him.
  4. Stuff from the US can take up to 3 weeks, so be patient.
  5. OK when you're talking kit, the basics would be Black S95 Overalls or shirt and trousers. Or blue if you're going for London CO19/Armed response Some form of black ballcap or a black PASGT Black Tacticool boots. Black assault vest. Guns, HK weapons mostly so MP5s etc and a nice cheapo sidearm a Glock. EDIT: Oh yeah www.flecktarn.co.uk you can find most kit.
  6. ^^Still allowed i think? . I'm going to go all out stupid here but why not eh. The Neopup An Awesome invention from south africa, looks 1337 with an EOtech.
  7. Little para

    1K club

    Pics have a broken link or something. dr3w that thing is *fruitcage* awesome, i would love to have one of those rather than the crappy plastic LAWs.
  8. It jammed on him so he went for 2 SAAs.
  9. If you have ever played "Hitman Blood Money" the vinyard level you can aquire this tasty little SMG. Soo much nicer looking than an MP5 or UMP.
  10. Little para

    1K club

    Well you must love it dearly to spend over 1K USD on it. Nice anyway. Thanks for the list.
  11. Yeah nice ride , But it has no roof? Whos Corvette is that anyway?
  12. Luvs2shoot what CASV is that? Damn nice M4 with the Ergonomic grip.
  13. Ironsights and it needs some form of reddot or Laser STAT. Sechs though.
  14. Its a damn nice gun FarEast but how does it shoot, any better with a metal slide?
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