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    Late Year 2000
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    Its going to be LONG. Check my interests.
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    United States

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    Mount Vernon, OH
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    Current Guns: ICS AK-74M, TM MP7A1, TM DE Hardkick Custom, KJW Glock 27.<br /><br />Past Guns: TM P90 Std, TM M16A1, TM HK51, TM MP5K-PDW, CA M15A4 Carbine, TM AK47, TM AK with Guarder SVD Kit, TM AK with Guarder AK-103 kit, UTG MP5, TM MP5SD5, TM G36K, ICS MP5A4, TM Aug Civilian, KWA G18C, KWA G26C, KWA M945, WA 5" Infinity, KWC DE, KWA M11, KWA M93R, KJW M9 FMV, TM MK23 Socom, Marushin Raging Bull 8", TM Spas-12, TM Spas-12 Sawed off Custom, UTG M87SA, MM Mini Launcher, KJW USP Tactical, HFC M9, HFC USP, HFC G17, UHC USP Match, HFC XM1777, CYMA PSG-1, UHC DE. There is more but that is what I could think of off the top of my head...
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