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  1. Each his own I'd say... Our game themed USMC vs. Army didn't apply that nonsense pain rule:
  2. Hilarious and unhealthy way to play Airsoft:
  3. KWP

    KJW M4

    What's so silly about STANAG mags and for Airsoft use what makes the Thermold so much better?
  4. KWP

    KJW M4

    Wow, that KJ rifle seems all steel inside and outside. That's mighty impressive and looks like it could be quite reliable out-of-the-box. But I can't help it, I ventured into the GBBR world for the kick of more realism and simplicity. Reliability sure, but if it's just about that, my AEG would serve me just fine. If KJ just used the WA system, I would have said we have a winner. But just like the WE system, I hate extras that make it look funny and unrealistic to disassemble/assemble. The KJ has too many mechanical parts, a rubberband what the fcuk???, a hopup dial that is certa
  5. KWP

    KJW M4

    You're right, don't compare the AGM, it's in a class of its own. But as you mention substandard parts that need to be replaced on the AGM. That's only the mechanical parts inside the receiver because they are made of alloy instead of steel and those can be upgraded with CNC steel parts for cheap. Now to the KJ: As far as I can see Donut's review didn't mention if the KJ's mechanical parts are made of alloy or steel, so I would wait with your judgment.
  6. All GBBRs except maybe for the Inokatsu will explode to thousand pieces after the first shot of a live round.
  7. Will you equip the entire U.S. Armed Forces with your WE toy guns or will it just fill a tiny niche amongst the AEGs, Paintball markers, RAMs, RAPs, MILES and Simmunition system they already have for training?
  8. Somebody wrote you have to lock back the bolt before inserting a mag, otherwise something inside the gun would accidentally discharge the mag, wich would suck hard. Is that issue fixed yet?
  9. Same here, they should rather focus on reliablity, hard recoil and realistic but not insane rof or dangerous fps rates.
  10. 536 fps, that's insane. Who needs that?
  11. Hi there, mind to share more about your experience with the Inokatsu? How bad is the upper-lower wobble and any other flaws? Is topgas/green gas enough to cycle it properly and still get a hard enough kick? Btw, I am from Germany too. What's the regulation on GBB rifles in Germany? I mean they have no fixed fps/joule, but depend on gas type and ambient temperature. Is full auto allowed for GBB rifles and still need the F cert?
  12. Not a question really. The only reason for buying an out-of-the-box WE is sacrificing realism for more reliability and budget concerns. Even if WA and WE are the same in reliability and all, in the end the WE still has the fugly brass gas chamber.
  13. If it's only the magazines, PGC will release a WA/INO/G&P compatible magazine. It's supposed to be improved (whatever that means) and more affordable.
  14. No info yet, but I bet it won't take long. When it's fixed I will have a closer look at it and make my decision between her and the Inokatsu, unless new competitors have entered the market by then.
  15. All G&P WA-type GBBs were sent to one local online shop here in HK last week. They have various issues of different level. A major one being unwanted side-tilting movement between the upper and lower receivers from sightly noticeable to alarmingly obvious. The result: Temporary suspension of sales of the G&P GBBs until the problem is solved. I think it'll be the first affordable M4 GBB that is both WE-reliable and WA-realistic, while the Inokatsu is like the Merc for the few.
  16. All G&P M4 GBBs were taken off the shelves here in Hong Kong, because of major quality problems.
  17. Still AMD Duron 1.8Ghz, 512Mb RAM, GeForce2 MX400 64Mb, Win98SE and QT6.52. I guess that's the reason.
  18. Bamse's video and photos are amazing, too bad I can't watch Titleist's video. My quicktime player cannot play it.
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