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  1. I received my KWA LM4 today and noticed something weird.


    When the gun is not cocked I can only switch between semi and full auto, I can not switch to safe.

    If I cock the weapon I can then switch to safe, semi, or full.


    For this reason, I cannot have the weapon is safe and not cocked.


    This dosn't seem normal to me, has anyone else run into this issue?

  2. Btw just so some people can benefit, I didn't have a spare spring laying around and cut it down to do the usual mod for the mag release, but i did have a spare CA36 hop-up/inner barrel tension spring and not only did it work beautifully, it was the perfect width and lenght, no additional mod needed to fit it right in.



    I used the semi hard foam that comes in alot of packages. Cut off what you need then stuff it up behind the mag release. Trim down as needed.


    Very cheap and easy to do.

  3. post-13329-1251396444_thumb.jpg




    TM G3SAS with cut down inner barrel to make the front flush. Nitro top rail, and G3 stock. I plan on getting some mp7 style flip up sights for the top rail and a folding vertical grip to mimic the MP7.

  4. It comes with a metal standard black flash hider.


    DO NOT use a hole punch on your sling mount to remove the MARS sight.

    Unscrew the front sling mount by holding one side with your hand or a wrench and unscrew it.

    Then unscrew the allen screw closest to the iron sight to remove that part.

    Then unscrew the 4 philips heads screws to remove the mars sight and that top section of the tavor.

    Last, unscrew the two allen screws on the bottom to remove the mars sight.


    The top is flat and perfectly fine with out it.

    I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


    After removing the waste of space mars sight I was surprised by the weight of it.

    The darn mars sight weighs almost a pound!

    The red dot is useless outdoors, the laser while neat it is very hard/imposable to have it point in the correct direction.


    While skirmishing I did have issues setting the hopup, it is super sensitive. Even after putting 160 rounds though it it still would not work well.



    I tried to replace the spring during a lunch break but it would not come out. It almost seemed like it was screwed into the piston or something silly like a TM stock piston/spring.

  5. TSI said the Tavor was to be release mid July(nowish?)


    I have a Ares Tavor right now and have a TSI Tavor on order. I'll be doing a side by side review when I get mine.


    As others have said, the MARS sight is so far the largest problem with this gun. Not just the laser but the red dot it's self.

  6. Yea I'll see if I can find the sheet and scan it.


    I'm not 100% sure if all the rails are 21mm as I mentioned. I don't have the tool at my house(I measured it at a friends) for measuring them to that scale. But, the scope rings I use on my g3 officer worked just fine on the TM aug Civ rail, but would not go onto the top rail from this kit.

  7. The Action Aug RAS kit came in a pretty nice box. Every part was wrapped in bubble rap and are aluminum. All of the parts has very clean machining with no mold lines or flash with the exception of the main body part where it meets up with the top rail. It was nothing a few minutes with a hand file didn't solve.


    Assembly was pretty easy and strait forward. The only part that gave me hassle was knocking out the pin that holds the sling mount on the front of the aug and then putting it into the kit's forward part. I may have been using an improper tool for the job as I was using an allen wrech key and a hammer. The only tools you really need for this are the allen keys that come with the kit a hand file just in case. Keep in mind this for the TM civ model only, not the military. It took me about 2 hours to fully install the kit in addition to a new tightbore barrel. I do not know if this will work with the CA brand of guns.


    The original aug flash hider will not fit onto the new outer barrel that comes with this gun, if you try to screw the flash hider on too much it will come into contact with the inner barrel and twist it and the outer barrel as you screw it on. The kit is abit shorter than the normal but still uses the 509 mm inner barre length. My kit came with 21mm width rails... I not know if this is an issue with all of their kits or not. I plan to buy new scope mounts and file those down to fit this rail.


    I have not skirmished with the gun yet but as a former aug(and now current again) user for over a year I can judge how it will do pretty well.

    The front of this gun adds some weight to the front but not enough to discourage me from using it. In addition it balances out the gun very well. I also like the fact I have a nice front handguard to hold the gun with rather than the flimsy stock vertical folding grip that the augs come with.


    Aside from the current problem I have with the 21 mm wide rails I would have no problem recommending this kit to anyone. The kit does cost 230, but I feel it was worth it. There is also a sniper version of this kit with a longer outer barrel, increasing the inner barrel length to about 590 mm.






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