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  1. No, the guy in the picture is actually only 180 cm tall. He's just... wide?
  2. Good 'ol 203 makes you smile:
  3. I'd love to see someone doing Mac or Arnie from Predator.
  4. A friend of mine posing with my Predator inspired loadout, using P3 Minigun
  5. Norotos 1-point mount + USGI arm + ITT PVS-7 Gen3 Wilcox Gen II mount + Wilcox arm + ITT PVS-14A Gen3 Insight AN/PSQ-18A M203 sight Mantis 150XXLR Gen3 night vision sight with 100mW IR laser Mantis 140XLR Gen3 night vision sight with 50mW IR laser 2 x Aimpoint Comp M2 Aimpoint Comp M4 G&P AN/PEQ2A replica with IR laser (Titleist, let me steal one of yours!!!!)
  6. Updated NV-stuff collection:
  7. I bought one set from Germany and another from a finnish auction. The other one is for sale. Quite useless for airsoft gun.
  8. My supertactical bulk-PTW:
  9. Updated pics with new wall rack:
  10. My soon to be sold ITT PVS-14A Gen 3 pinnacle tube. Got this unit sold with such a good price, that I have to add mere $200 and I'll get brand new autogated Litton PVS-18. If I happen to rob a bank, I might go with the Litton PVS-15 instead.
  11. My current FN collection: Real gun parts used: M240: hanger, heat shield, M122 tripod with pintle and T&E Mk46: bipod and rail covers M249: hand guard, bipod, front sight assembly, rear sight, para stock, pistol grip, heat shield. Received parkerized like the real one is.
  12. These FN parts came from a private person who was selling all kinds of metal junk (not only gun parts). Then you just had to decide what you want from the pile. There was not only Mk46 bipod, but also a brand new M249 SAW bipod for $50, used KAC M249 RAS for $20 and then this: M240 hanger assembly (quite rare on the civilian market). Those have been selling for $350 at gunbroker, but this one was, again, no more than $15.
  13. Latest addition to my FN collection; real Mk46 bipod, this was horribly priced at $40 Now I'll just have to mount it on G&P Mk46
  14. Here's a pic of Marui Uzi with realsteel stock. Actually, there's very little Marui left on this gun. It has Zeke metal body, real Uzi stock, real gun plastic pistol grip and front grip halves, real barrel with barrel nut and real 32rd Uzi mag. For comparison, original Marui above:
  15. Terminator-collection expanding...
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