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  1. That is strange that the 152a is outperforming the 134a...I am looking for a vapor pressure chart right now on google but I could have sworn that the 152a has a significantly lower vapor pressure at game temperatures. I don't want to derail things -- would like to talk about gas, price and availability, may need to start a thread... This thread along with the new 870 shotgun makes me want some Japanese GBB's again. I sold my Western Arms guns around 2005 and haven't looked locally for 134a since then, and a lot of things have changed in the interval (not for the better). I actually w
  2. That USPc used to be mine...it's a semi-matte black Krylon finish that's been baked on at 250 degrees. Fairly durable, although it shows wear at the front from being in the holster, but still better than the 'ohh look I sanded all the finish off of my KWA slide' look.
  3. Does the actual frame/slide have trademarks or just the grips? I don't believe I've ever seen a kjw with trades...
  4. Does the actual frame/slide have trademarks or just the grips? I don't believe I've ever seen a kjw with trades...
  5. Can somebody explain to me why the spur gear is sticking out of the case? It looks like the entire gearbox/motor/piston unit is self contained, but the spur gear is sticking out to drive the tappet plate, or??? I was thinking these replacement gearboxes would make good powerplants for other things (the custom m240's and BAR that I've seen recently come to mind)
  6. Gugemk3, do you mind if I ask where the silver slide for the KSC M9 came from? I don't believe I've ever seen one that wasn't brigadier style for the KSC. thanks
  7. Ronin00033, what kind of grip is that on the custom Springfield? Is that an aftermarket part for the SV's, or was that on the base gun?
  8. First foray into Western Arms .45's... I sold it off after awhile, the fit/finish was nice for the most part, but I didn't like the trigger guard/grip plastic, and the Prime silver slide I put on it scuffed too easily, a lot more than I had expected. Still, it didn't reach it's full potential, I should have upped the hammer spring and slung some .3's out of it with hfc22... I bought it at a time when there were no single-stackers readily available from retailers, just SV's and Paras, neither of which I'm a huge fan of. Still the SCW SVI Expert series looks nice, it'd be cool to tr
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