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  1. so i ordered a set of these, the sizing is way off..... medium regular = large regular, a full set for sale here, whilst i order some small regulars . Quality wise though, really good. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/210925-dragon-red-crye-gen3-m81-combat-set-large-regular-brand-new/
  2. Dragonred sell half decent crye cut copy's .
  3. Another 1961 to the collection this time an AR variant.
  4. Added a suppressor and trying out with my different lower,
  5. New lid for the Pie,swapped some bits from my DIY 2001.. Ops Core Carbon in Digi desert
  6. Love the JPC Extraordinaire,Shoulder pads look a good upgrade, can pull a bit with plates in, heres my WIP JPC, and my CPC,
  7. No issues with mine, and tbh , first issues I've heard, you guys putting them in sideways?
  8. Peltor or comtac mounts will need modifying, as will your sordins, nothing too technical, but it'll involve cutting the band on the headset, and slightly bending the mount arms I think.
  9. Very nice, what's the blade on the off side? Strider?
  10. Well now we have that info, it might be a bit easier for someone to ID
  11. Scorch, I'm gonna ask the obvious question, but what did you "search" for in able to bring that pic up? As the fact you've found a picture, might help you ID it. My money would be on a kayak or rock climbing lid, maybe fire service or police.
  12. One is RS , ill let you guess Peq15 (vfc ) , peq14 (Insight) , the dual switch is currently only running the 15, the 14's pressure switch is under the camo wrap on the TD grip, so both work but is more about "the look" at the mo, until I find a RS dual switch and modify one tail for the 15 anyway. There's a few reference pics of this set-up in use, essentially the PEQ-14 has replaced my M3X for visible use (or IR if I choose).
  13. Can't remember who used to stick tru spec in the uk, could try eBay I guess
  14. http://www.opticsplanet.com/tru-spec-65-35-polyester-cotton-ripstop-bdu-jacket.html Tru-spec do "charcoal" grey BDU shirts. I think 5.11 do as well
  15. slightly better pic of my Mk18, and my MK18 SPR style build.
  16. Crye High back blast belt W/Armour and Crye suspenders, modified with Austrial Pin Cobra buckle. BHI Serpa W/228 LBT Blow out medic pouch Crye single pistol pouch Eagle smoke grenade WinklerII Belt knife.
  17. Ha ha, it's a Novel Arms Tac-One, copy of the Night Force 1.5-4 , with a home brew MRDS added (ACOG specific, shimmed,drilled and tapped for a solid fit) And not for sale, really liking it Hwagan, not looking too shabby yourself
  18. Not really the place to discuss it , google is a wonderful thing, look on any European forum, hunting forum, uk dealers, plenty of legit kit if you know where to look and your willing to pay for it.
  19. There's hundreds of sets in the uk, maybe into the thousands , probably saw maybe 40 sets being used at my last weekender, all shapes sizes and flavours. It was just a bit of a sweeping statement to say that all units are stolen by American troops and traded for haribo.
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