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    December 2005
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    A couple cheap springer pistols and full-auto mini guns.
    UTG pistol-grip shotty.
    CYMA CM.028S.
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    Fuuuuuuuuck me! <Usually when I get shot.
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    Aurora, Colorado, US.
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    Airsoft, Video Games, Cars, Girls. But not in that order. LOL!
  1. Nice! But please whatever you do with the redesign, don't go to a dark background with light text. It hurts my eyeses!! Also I like the whole light blue theme personally, so if the new version still had light blue borders and whatnot I'd be very happy. I'm sure whatever you guys come up with it'll look good though, so I'm sure I needn't worry. Can't wait to see the new Arnies! Thanks. -Stewie.
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