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  1. Thanks tgrillo, I'm parting ways with her.. she's sold pending payment
  2. G&P SPR/A Click for larger pic
  3. Guys, since this is now the "official" ultimate M14 thread I thought I'd ask here.. Ever since I've taken the stock off my TM M14 to install a bipod adapter, the trigger guard has been loose, there's some play in it, the rear part of the trigger guard just moves up and about 3-4 mm. It would come off with the safety assembly with very little force, enough to get me concerned about it falling off during playing. Anyone experienced something similar after taking theirs apart? Anyone has a solution? Thanks a lot I appreciate your help.
  4. How about opening the door for donations, like it was done in 2005 for memory upgrade of the server? We have a very strong community here at Arnie's and I'd be surprised if we weren't able to collect a good sum.
  5. Hi there, I tried to add the network link http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/links/map/a..._xml_cached.php provided at Arnie's Find it!Map but I got an error from google earth, when I tried to look at the XML file I got this error: should be easily remedied and I thought I'd point it out. Thanks,
  6. oh nothing wrong with steel the more the better actually.
  7. i don't have either.. but why would you replace the stock TM barrel? it's metal and of fine quality.
  8. It's a real national match wood stock housing a real steel M14 mate I wish I could take credit for her UrPK, she belongs to a friend and goes by the name Sharlene. I doubt the forum thing would fly
  9. The wood M14 in my pictures is actually real steel. Solo, lovely looking rifle, hat's off to you! Regards,
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