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  1. The Russian SAMs were made from cardboard tubes (carpet rolls). The nosecones and fins are also cardboard; the "launcher" is scrap wood. I didn't design this particular prop, but I helped build them. For this particular game, we had three of these batteries that had to be taken out. Fully assembled, it was about 9 feet tall!


    When working with cardboard, you can make it stronger by coating it with a solution of Elmer's glue thinned with water. I just brush it on and let it dry, then paint.


    The C4 charge was scrap wood wrapped in paper (labels printed on my computer) with a kitchen timer. The wires are old phone cord.


    The "Demo Charge" is a plastic storage tub, turned upside down and painted, with a wooden plate added. There is also a wooden block inside it to give it more weight.


    The "Bio Weapon" is a CD case mounted to a wooden board. I got the tubes inside at a surplus store, they are full of colored water.

  2. Since the guidance for the picture section does mention nuclear devices, but I couldn't find an existing thread.



    Here is my nuclear device. It's a replica of the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADAM) which as about a 1kt yield.





    I got lucky and found the airborne harness at a surplus store. While the real thing is meant to be carried on a parachute harness during airborne missions, I wanted to be able to wear this as a backpack, so I rigged it up to an old rucksack frame.




    I get obsessive about field props. I'm sure others here have similar projects :)


    Here's a missile we built for a game a few years ago:




    A crashed missile. This one has a removable warhead.




    A demolition charge I built for a scenario game.




    Another scenario setpeice - a bio-weapon!






    And last, but not least, a C-4 charge.




    I built a nuclear reactor for last year's winter game, but I didn't get any pics :(


    I'm sure others have built infernal devices for their games - I'd love to see what others have done.

  3. I agree, but it didn't come with one. Any place to pick up one?


    I made gas tubes using solid plastic tubing (plastruct), available at most hobby shops. I painted them silver and then bend them to fit. You could also probably make one out of aluminum tubing, I haven't tried that.


    The Marui M733 and most G&P front kits come with gas tubes, these can be found sold secondhand.


    You can also buy gas tubes from makers like King Arms.


    Last, but not least, a real steel gas tube is not too expensive either. In any case, you will have to figure out a way to mount it to your gas block and run it up into (or through, if you have a real-steel style) slipring assembly.


    It's some work, but one of the things we strive for in Airsoft is realism; I say it's worth it.

  4. Ok, here is my first paint job, let me know what you think. I'll take any and all criticism. My M4 paintjob, was inspired by Drake's M4, which is posted on an earlier page. I decided to go with a slightly darker brown, because it is a more dominant color where I play.


    The paint has a much more flat finish than the photo shows, the flash on my crappy sony cybershot was just too bright.


    Paint looks okay to me, but your gun needs a gas tube.

  5. I got mine from DSG Arms for about $40 shipped.


    I actually don't like the AFG, at least, not on my carbine.


    I have a DPMS Carbine, and on the carbine-length handguard (Magpul MOE) the angle breaks my wrist in a very uncomfortable manner. I think that, mounted further forward, it would work better. I put it on my 1022 with a UTG rail and it feels better - range report is pending.

  6. Just put this together tonight, it's a project I've been thinking about for a while.


    The base gun is a JG M4 with the side-folding stock. These are not common in RS AR15s, but they can be installed with heavy modifications.




    I shortened the barrel to 8" and added a First Factory SAS Direct Attachment and a Noveske KX3. You wouldn't want an open flashider on anything this short!


    I plan on using this as a backup gun, it's compact enough I can bring it to the field and easily stage it with my gear.







    I wanted to have a streamlined kit for when I'm teaching at our Basic Airsoft Training Course or Gunfighter Course (as well as for use in my real-steel carbine classes).


    The belt is a Condor pistol belt. I wear it attached to my Wilderness Instructor Belt using four belt keepers.


    I have two kydex pouches for AR15 magazines and a double kydex pistol mag pouch, all from Blade-Tech. The dump pouch is a Maxpedition RolyPoly. The holster is the Blackhawk Serpa dropleg. I really like the holster, it is extremely well designed.

  8. Thats Masada looks great how does it shoot.




    Chrono'd at 380fps after the rebuild. Test fired just great in my basement...unfortunately we're heading into the off-season so I won't be able to give it a good field test until the Spring.



  9. Not a lot of pics of black Masadas...so here's mine:






    Magpul/Ergo rails

    Upgraded JG mechbox (shoots around 380fps)

    JG "Tango Down" style vertical foregrip

    Monda barrel assembly

    Real-steel Phantom flashider

    NCStar scope (until something better comes along)

    Mangonel rear sight (will be replaced with an MBUS once I pick another set up)

  10. Erik, i dont know if your aware of this or not, but the HK416 iron sights are not the same height as regular M4 iron sights. so the HK416 BUIS you have on your gun doesnt line up properly with the triangle from sight.


    That rear sight is not an actual 416 sight, it's an HK style globe site. It co-witnesses perfectly.

  11. 800Upgrade_M933.JPG


    Some of you have seen this gun before, but I added some goodies. It started life as a Marui M733. It has the following modifications:


    Flattop receiver added

    G&P ACE SOCOM Stock

    King Arms CASV

    Complete G&P 10" barrel assembly, turned and polished to look like stainless steel

    King Arms Noveske KX3

    Badger Ordinance Tac-Latch

    HK416 rear sight

    JG "Tango Down" style vertical foregrip





    My original M203 fragged its mechbox and got parted out. I hadn't put much thought into another one until, while I was moving, I discovered a JG M16a2 in a box I thought was empty. I added an M4 barrel assembly, flattop receiver, mangonel rear sight, and D-Boys CASV. I'm particularly happy with the scratchbuilt gas tube, visible inside the CASV.


    Future plans for this gun include a metal body and crane stock.

  12. One of the requirements for my new house was that it have a suitable room for my guns and Airsoft storage. I'm still fine-tuning things, but I've got my gun rack and shelves in, and it's looking good. The room is about 8x10'.











  13. 380 ow >.<


    my JG G36 consistantly does about 310fps. near site limits but not over :)


    My brand new JG M4 is over 415, which exceeds our club FPS limits (I understand in the UK it's even lower). I've been storing it with the spring compressed in the hopes it will drop a little to get under 400. It's a completely different kind of performance problem.


    Bottom line is, JG makes guns that shoot great and are cheaper than a load of groceries.

  14. I would say the cost of adding reliability to a JG is much, much less than upgrading a TM.


    I love TMs for when I want a gun shooting 280 (CQB, for example), but I have several JGs and I love them all just as much, especially when they are rocking out at 380.



  15. Love the CASV-M. I am thinking about getting one of those for my R-S M4.


    I have been thinking of ways I can convert an Airsoft CASV to CASV-M...I have a friend with a welder who has been fiddling around with it for me.

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