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  1. It's not. It may look that way if you are used to seeing the 551/552 series, mine is a Gen-1 EOTech.
  2. Normally I wear Navy BDUs with my SWAT gear, but this game dictated Multicam. Assessing a possible entry point: Taking cover behind a van: Moving in on the open garage door: When this was taken, I think I was saying something like, "GET UP HERE YOU MORONS!"
  3. Yep. I have been looking around to replicate the kit, at least to some extent. Just for fun though, I probably wouldn't want to wear the PASGT while skirmishing.
  4. I'm partial to the old school patterns myself: Although I have used digital camo patterns too: I wish I still had this kit, the only thing I still have is the helmet cover and the holster...maybe I should put something together for Airsofting, eh?
  5. Surveying the situation with my team-mates at Op: Broken Alliance 3: Making a small "correction" on a recruit's head positioning during Basic Airsoft Training Course (BATC) Class 10-07: Rallying my forces after a battle during Op: Breakdown: Engaging the enemy at Op: Breakdown:
  6. I just posted an OD/Woodland loadout in the "pics of your loadout" thread. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t&p=1827936
  7. Here's my Multicam kit. Like my other one, it uses the Blackhawk suspenders. I bought the desert colored ones, but I did not like the color match so I painted them with Krylon. It was my first "gear painting" and I was pretty happy with the results. The belt is a Blackhawk MOLLE/STRIKE. 1. Tactical Tailor Hydration Pouch - I am thinking of replacing this with a Condor one because it's a little smaller than I'd like. 2. TT smoke grenade pouch - used as a radio pouch. 3. Maxpedition Tac-Tile. I have 2 of these, used to carry my dead rag, bug juice, and misc. items. I really
  8. My "Woodland" rig. Base is a set of Blackhawk suspenders on a modified SDS MOLLE FLC belt. 1. Condor hydration carrier 2. US ALICE ammo pouches (I carry 2 mags with magpuls in each one, plus a BB bottle and speedloader in the one by my bayonet) 3. Not used 4. Double pistol mag pouch. I carry my pistol in a US tanker holster with this rig. 5. Maxpedition Mega Rolypoly. I use this for a dump pouch, and it's actually a bit too big (you could carry a phone book in there). I think I will trade it in for something smaller. 6. Rubber bayonet 7. SDS smoke grenade pouch, used to ca
  9. I wrecked a car while quarter-mile dragracing several years ago, I still have some lingering medical problems from the crash. I suffered some vertebra compression and am probably lucky I wasn't killed. I had a 3-point roll bar, helmet, and 5-point seat belt, but I was shutting down. My timeslip read 13:11/131mph. I'll see if I can dig up some pics. A couple of years ago I totaled my van when I hit a deer. Liability only coverage too I have full coverage on everything now.
  10. I wonder if this could be a good base gun for a Naboo Blaster.
  11. First line? It's my only line.
  12. Updated since I have made a few changes. The base platform is a set of Blackhawk suspenders (the older style) with the new Blackhawk MOLLE-style STRIKE belt. I thought that the "desert" color of the suspenders was too light, so I painted it with Krylon. 1. Tactical Tailor hydration pouch. I am thinking about replacing this one with the Condor, because from what I've been able to see the Condor pouch is larger. 2. Tactical Tailor smoke grenade pouch. Used as a radio case. 3. Maxpedition small TacTile (one on each side). For carrying small items, bug juice, mi
  13. The whole point of collecting is to have one of everything. That is why I own 15 AEGs and counting...
  14. @Vercingetorix: MAD PROPS for not overlooking th gas block and tube! I hate it when people post pix of guns that could not fire if real.
  15. G&P M203 G&P M16a1 metal body 16" barrel HK53 flashider This is a replica of the M203 I used in the Army, with the exception of the shorter barrel.
  16. I just got this done tonight. It's a prototype I have been working on for a couple of years (on again, off again). This particular gun was inspired by the 9mm Colt subguns made by Total Silence and similar "tactical" Colt 9mm conversions. Modifications are: Cut-down barrel Cut-down front sight Receiver modified by removing brass deflector and forward assist Warhead 9mm magazine conversion Real steel brass deflector Cut-down dust cover I built the upper receiver separately and then mated it to the lower of an A&K M4 with a crane stock. All th
  17. My XM177 when it was plastic, after I weathered it with paint. It has since been outfitted with a metal body and modified in other ways: I used pics of real Vietnam-era rifles as a reference for the paint job. Got it a little dirty in a skirmish, which was nice. Combat rifles and gear should get dirty.
  18. I didn't intend to have 3 cats...I had one, and my wife had 2, so now we have 3.
  19. This early "Colt Commando" was a labor of love. The body and pistol grip are G&P and the barrel is from King Arms. A Marui XM177 provided the base. Note the correct front pivot pin (custom made) and the real-steel slipring. I also eliminated the bayonet lug and front sling swivel mount. I am still looking for a couple of little things to make it as accurate as possible, but overall I am really loving this gun. My Marui-based AR15 went kaflooie so I decided to transplant all of the external accessories onto an A&K M4 I got for $60. So far it's running like a cha
  20. Custom AK Carbine built by by a friend out of spare parts...inspired by a friend's real-steel Saiga I painted it black. To make the purists feel better, here are two of my other AKs:
  21. Manufacturer? Where did you buy it from?
  22. Does anyone have a source for the Arii "Combat Sets" knife model kits? I am looking specifically for the "survival knives." I'd appreciate any help.
  23. That Daisy Model 59 brought back some memories. I had that, the Luger, the Uzi, and the .357. Back in the 1980s you could buy PFC and replica kit guns from any hobby shop for around $75 - when the SoftAirs came out for $40 they were a steal. The only survivors - my Model 58, now repainted as a prop, and my Ruger Blackhawk PFC gun (which is no longer with us after being parted out for an abortive Firefly gun project).
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