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  1. Hey, if they don't make you return the Ultrafire, I'll buy it from you... How much would you want for it?
  2. Ah, nonsense, sir! None of that here! At least all his teammates will know when he's opened fire? Assuming he pushes the PTT... In the next couple days I'll be picking up a blaster for my *special* loadout... I'll get some pics up once I get it and get it painted and such. Here's a clue for the loadout, and probably the gun - a gas mask, shin/forearm protection, armored gloves, stab-proof armor, and headshots. Lots of headshots.
  3. Jin, I don't want to rain on the problem parade but you can be quoted as saying you've been dropping the magazine repeatedly on the hard floor... It probably knocked the fill valve out of whack.
  4. I wonder if a RS AR-15 bolt stop would work? I don't know enough about the internals of the AR-15 or the WE M4 to know if that is ridiculous or not...
  5. Eek! I'd say first company that comes out with a reinforced bolt stop is going to get rich hahaha thanks for the heads up though Jin! I wonder what it's going to take to make a bolt stop that is consistently durable... All the manufacturers seem to be greatly underestimating the force the bolt stop is receiving each time it's employed.
  6. heh fun stuff Airsoft Buddy are there any more of the original ones left or are they all for sale for $360+shipping now? If they have any of the special packages I'd like to get one before they run out, but if they're all out I don't have much choice, do I? xD
  7. You spoilsport!! That's what I was going to do!!! haha you, me, and fifty other people, anyway... xD
  8. AHH I CANNOT POSSIBLY SELL MY STUFF FAST ENOUGH! Jesus I must have it! hahaha oh boy oh boy oh boy Anyone want to buy $250 of stuff from me? xD Serious hatred goes out to Jin and Lupus for the previews... Now I'm going to spend even MORE money on airsoft >.> I kid.
  9. To the OP (I forgot your name already... hehe I'm sorry) I would suggest simply taking one or two little squares of TP and folding them up and putting them in the cup. That way you'll get a little bit of extra comfort as well as the confidence you're the only one who can hear what's being said I plan to pick up a Swimmer headset soon so that'll be nice. Thanks for the review! -Matt
  10. It's sitting on my tool bench right now, taking up space. It's just on, well, BUIS duty, until the EOtech breaks, which it better not. @ cambre: Thanks man, it's really awesome. Definitely better than a normal M4 variant, I believe...
  11. My recently updated LR300S: Specs are: G&G LR300S Madbull Gemtech flash hider and QD suppressor Echo 1 5-Position folding stock Prometheus Aluminum piston head Angel Polycarb piston Guarder SP90 Systema Shims Soon to get: Systema Turbo Motor Systema Hi-speed gear set Guarder metal bearing spring guide Anyway, the pictures!!! And with my SCAR:
  12. Talk to Pat at RCLipos.com, correct me if I'm wrong but I think they can custom-build batteries for you... At a cost, of course, but I think they can. I believe that's where my buddy got his LiPo for his SCAR (stick battery).
  13. Hey USCM, I agree wholeheartedly with your review, but I have one question to ask. Do you or any of your teammates have any trouble viewing iron sights/holosights while wearing the mask? Using my LR300 I cannot see my EOTech reticle at all without going into some incredibly awkward position to try to look down the gun. I haven't tried on my SCAR yet, I'll go try right now and update it with what I can see. Okay, I tried it with my SCAR-L. With the cheekrest in the lowest position, I can see the reticle with only my right eye, and with the cheekrest in the upper position I
  14. And you will take hundreds of pictures. The key is: You better have a flippin' armory to match!
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