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  1. Crikey on crikey fiddle sticks. Arnies has really hit the skids since I was last here. Less than a dozen users logged in. Back in the day you'd have hundreds logged in at any one time. Still, there's always memories of "Glock Cakes" to tide us over............ Failing that, we all die of Corona Virus.
  2. That made me giggle seeing that. There was a story on the BBC earlier today debating the ethics of allowing under 18's to join the military by stating that it is an antiquated concept from a bygone age that has no place in 21st century Earth. There was a lot more to it but I can't remember.
  3. Or when you rush to the toilet for a desperate dump, only to discover you're out of bog roll.......and really wish you hadn't changed the bathroom curtains for plastic blinds. And then you're Golden Retriever puppy walks in.................
  4. God damn allergies! I spent a good 5 minutes cutting up some coke, and just as I was about to snort, my mates cat comes in and sets off my sneezing allergy!
  5. Porn

    1. PureSilver


      This isn't Google.

    2. creepingfear


      Whats worse is that Google has now filtered search results with a permanent "safe search"

    3. renegadecow


      Nope, can still pretty much search for porn on Google. The "safe search" is a button, not an indication that you're currently searching in that mode.

  6. Couldn't log in yesterday as it said I had a temporary suspension but didn't give any reasons as to why? Any clues?
  7. OMG! I've nearly ###### myself reading that!
  8. Why is your son not carrying an airsoft gun? One does not approve of this behaviour lol!
  9. I'd shoot her................all over.
  10. What a stupid topic to create. Still, every town has one

  11. I like the Kelly's Heroes joke.
  12. To some extent, this thread can sort of reflect EDTC's VCR Act thread thingy. Some of the gun rooms are outstanding.
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