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    Are there any aftermarket parts available yet for the WE M&P? And Has anyone figured out a way to help the horrible gas consumption?
  2. Heres my AK so far. Chopped down the outer barrel, and added a Beta spetz front sight, swapped the lower from a solid stock to this side folder,(waiting on an underfolder to show up monday) Slant flash hider is also on the way.
  3. Whered you find those pics? The third one looks like LRS
  4. Just finished the MRE Tell me what you think
  5. Sorry if its a little blurry i suck at taking pictures. This is a Dboys and i absolutely love this gun!
  6. Actully in Basic training in Ft. Jackson we did use FN M16's. There were more FNs then there were Colts
  7. Yea i gotcha, I was just telling you about my personal experience with them. Not sure if youve ever used one or the radios they go with (cant say the names here).
  8. yea that was to you sorry. Just curious because i hate those things. They make noises to alert you of an incoming transmission so you darn near have to tape the thing to your head to know if youre getting a call.
  9. Just curious... What are you using the handmic with? I'm a combat radioman with in the US Army so in just curious what youre using it with because if its on the MBITR you would not be happy with that in real life.
  10. Heres my in ACU for the first time! In the last pic it proves that ACU really does work.
  11. I bought it used but i dont think the previous owner had to do anything like that. The pistol fits great for me! Look at the first line thread i just added a picture of it
  12. Heres the first line.. and yes that is a 610R holster lol. Its a 310R light however. Waiting on a leg panel for M203 shells also.
  13. Heres my BHI CRCH what do you think? I love it it does everything I need it to
  14. Fits great! its well worth the money if you can find one. Im not sure if safari land still makes them though
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