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    Chin Grab.jpg

    Borg looks over at peiter awkwardly as the commandant inspects the hickeys borg left the night before...
  2. Thanks for the comment Lord Blackgoat. Thats not a NCS-03 NVS by the way. OSK
  3. Quote: "Hey OSK did you manage to snag a photo of my day gun with the new paint and extended mag before I spirited it away to my house?" Unfortunatly not. I will have a photo shoot set up for Saturday of all Ghost Team Rifles. I need to find something cool to lay out for the backdrop.
  4. Quote: "Is it me or does the 'Wupjack Night Killer' seem to be leaning to one side with the NVS scope on it?" Must be you man, that gun sit's flat, scope is perfectly set online with windage almosts zero'd @ 0 adjustment. In other words, there is no cant or lean in the scope or rifle. In the picture it looks like the scope is to one side, but that is just in the picture.
  5. FPS Has been edited. Also I apologize for starting this thread, without realizing there is a thread for sniper rifles. Had I realized that, I would have not posted it. Ubar, feel free to breath now, your point was made. Good job on the armchair modding.
  6. Heres the Wupjack Night Killer! And this is "Old Painful" It now sports a Matching paint job on the NVS scope and a different painted to match silencer...
  7. 328?? I'm not sure I understand Lance??
  8. "Two of those are other Teammates" *At the time, only 2 rifles were another team-mates, I have since thinned out the heard. None the less, they are still rifles I have built/modified and or painted. "Are those all Harris Bipods?" *Yes "but im not feeling for the M24, nor the 700" *They are all 700's, run on HPA, and dead accurate...
  9. Hey Ghost3, you need to photoshop that pic a lil bit.... Ghost1
  10. Day Guns, Night Guns, Guns set to shoot reasonable distances (150 to 200') and guns set up to send heavy bb's out to 300+feet. Really just depends on the Venue. Here is a Day Gun:
  11. Here is a few Sniper Systems I have built/painted. More to come.
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