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  1. Ehobbyasia has a 10% discount for all guns. I ordered the new deluxe version till I found out it does not have full trademarks as NonEX mentioned so I emailed ehobby to cancel the order . i guess I should look over the photos carefully before I place an order.
  2. Is the Umarex version same thing as the KWC version 2 as the bolt looks the same. I have the KWC v2 with the guarder metal body and replaced the top cover and forearms with real Mini UZI ones.
  3. AEG MP5 magazine is skinnier than the RS one. It might fit but I think it will be loose since the RS mag clamp is wider.
  4. Daisy softair model 15 MP5K in Silence of the lambs and Die Hard with a Vengance
  5. VFC MP5 with RS Straight mag. Unfortunately it is only for show and it does not fit all the way in due to the trigger pack.
  6. Suppressed VFC MP5A3, MPK, MP7 & KWC Mini UZI
  7. Those MP5K's with a retractable stock are called reverse stretch. They are not German made but made from an USA made MP5K receiver flat without the tabs in back. You just buy an MP5K receiver flat and an MP5 parts kit and take to a gunsmith that deals with MP5 clones and they can be turned into this
  8. VFC MP5A3 GBB with RS A3 sliding stock & slimline forearm. A3 stock fits without mods but you need the buffer from the A2 solid stock or else the blowback will be slow.
  9. My silenced VFC MP7 & MP5K PDW and KWC Mini UZI.
  10. unfortunately it was a bid auction
  11. My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.
  12. Here they are on my VFC MP5. Got the adapter and the sp89 handguard for $30 total for both. (Adapter retails for $45 at HKParts.net)
  13. Got myself a used RS Colt M1991A1 on the top with my MGC/Western Arms. There are cosmetic differences including that the barrel is flushed and while the MGC/WA it sticks out Here is a photo of my RS with the fake Ivory grips.
  14. Nice to see an airsoft version of the slanted dust cover. Personally I am not a fan of it as I prefer the straight dust cover.
  15. My RS and VFC/Stark Glock 17. Unfortunately the RS back straps are not 100% compatible with the Stark/VFC as the width is longer than the RS. You can file the inside of the top part to make them fit. I have not tried to see if the RS mag catch is compatible with Stark as it is little harder on my RS to remove the pin to remove the mag catch. Also the Stark is a couple of mm off than the RS as the Stark slide is a little longer, height wise.
  16. The stark has a little rougher grip than the 42. I don't have a RS G17 Gen 4 so I don't know if the grip texture is the same as in the 42 Yea I notice that mold line on some photos on RS Gen 4 G17's. Maybe someone who has a RS G17 gen 4 can chime in if theirs has a mold line.
  17. My Stark/VFC Glock 17 Gen 4 and my RS Glock 42 that I hope to fire tomorrow.
  18. Wish somebody make an early milled Type 56 as seen in 80's Vietnam War movies. Anyway here is my GHK AKMS with Hephaestus Firing Pin, Sear, and Simulation Recoil Spring Guide & Spring.
  19. My silenced KWC Mini UZI, VFC MP5K PDW and MP7A1
  20. Did you do any mods to fit the handguards. I tried fitting RS handguards but gave up when the upper handguard could not fit with the stock gas tube.
  21. It does not load the shell and i can't push the ejector plate to release the shell. The forend locks up and have to use force to push the forend forward.
  22. Can anybody take photos of the ejection plate as mine now does not want to load a shell into the chamber. Here is a photo of what it looks, maybe the ejector plate is installed the wrong way.
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