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  1. nice looks a great place to play too, RG
  2. nice pictures keep em coming RG
  3. theres a big plastic block at the front, that holds it as well RG
  4. looking good, definately a loadout id like to attempt rg
  5. looking cool as ever dave, i told u that l85s were the way to go matey
  6. random guy


    yes yes it is haha using standard hand gaurd at catterick havent got any li-po's yet and its not a patch on the weight with the ugl so its no problem
  7. not tried any batterys in it yet but im going to try a one of those from component shop and will report back rg
  8. random guy

    random pics

    just random airsoft pics
  9. perks of the job i like it is mtp still a restricted item cos i keep seeing bits on ebay? rg
  10. yes you need to undo the grub screw first tho
  11. dave i am very disapointed i will now after clense you and it with fire
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