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  1. Choosker

    1911 Picture Thread

    Where you bought the long mag for TM?
  2. Choosker

    1911 Picture Thread

    SamJacksonFan, I'm used to work with hot handguns (in the shooting field, too) but the main reason is the tail switch (not a R series ) and I don't want to put velcro on the gun. But I'll take a look on other grips (too bad my Pachmyars doesn't works with the Wilson Combat). Imperator, it came with the 1911 (WA Wilson Combat DX edition) but I'm searching a few more (about 7 ) Payne, that's a great history, It's even older than I thought, thanks for the info!. From what I've been told, that was the last one forgotten on a corner on the surefire main warehouse found by "mistake" I have too the old-school L30 module (with 2 bulbs), I promise to take photos of the beauty with the Safariland 3004 for 1911/610 and the Safariland 6004 for 1911/310
  3. Choosker

    1911 Picture Thread

    1911 + 610 + 6004 Low Ride belt
  4. Choosker

    Pics of your Gear

    who are this bad boys? I tried to google about them (ZOS) but I couldn't find nothing
  5. Choosker

    1911 Picture Thread

    me too

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