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    Custom build OP-99 Falcon 8mm, VFC M82A1 8mm, TW M700, custom TW M700 AICS, PSG-1, MP5K, custom MP5j, Custom build SA vz.58, TM Steyer AUG, CA M249 Para, WA Wilson Combat CQB, WA Wilson combat MEU, WA Kimber TLE/RL, Raging Bull 8mm, TM mk.23, TM Glock 17
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  1. Harry

    Videos Thread !

    Hello, some of our videos and pictures here URNA - Galerie And is there any other "airsoft police unit"? Contact us, please Harry URNA
  2. Harry


    Hello, I have this gun too... Did You tried to upgrade it? Any custom work done? I am still trying to teach this gun, how to shoot

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