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  1. pity they didnt bring out the usp ct if they like the seals so much
  2. very nice piece of kit, squad
  3. awesome job on osprey did you do the paint job yourself or is it cherakoted? what colours are on it? great job
  4. the names george ...wolfgeorge :-) very nice pair of walthers
  5. how do you find the replica rmr ?
  6. nice collection of m&p's squad
  7. absolutely awesome squad very nice indeed yep i want one too 5" pro is my favorite but id take either
  8. yep gotta say OCT did an excellent job on your M&P, squad very impressive
  9. hey squad that kimber sis looks the business very nice indeed
  10. drool glock 19 nice line up squad quality pics
  11. yes indeed those cdp's are very nice squad
  12. well squad you just made my day its a beauty, gotta love revolvers
  13. nice photo squad ,definetly prefer the silver chamber look
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