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  1. TooTall

    SIG Picture Thread

    I just bought a set of G36 side rails. I can't find it anymore on Taiwangun, looks like I got the last set. Like THESE, only 2 pieces instead of 3. Then I layed them on where I thought I wanted the VFG, scratched a small hole with a screwdriver. Then drilled a small hole with a powerdrill, then enlarged the hole with a drill that was just as wide as the screws. Only screws came with the set, no hex nuts. So searched some in the parts bin. Same for the side rail. The plastic seems more then solid enough to hold the VFG and even use it. If you wanted, you could place another rail on the bottom near the front sight, remove the stock bipod legs, and slap a Harris-style RIS mounted bipod on there. That would be cool I think.
  2. TooTall

    SIG Picture Thread

    Did someone say Sig? Because of my long arms, and boredom, I decided to get my paws on a JG Sig 550. Ended up getting one from Taiwangun, about 230€'s shipped with 2 x G36 rails and a nice Leupold replica. Ordered on Monday, recieved on Thursday. Not bad! But what to do with all the rails? The bipod still works btw in combo with the VFG btw. But which one is the biggest? Well, that settles it I like!
  3. TooTall

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    It was just too cute....Maruzen PPK/S with silencer... It's totally plastic, silencer weighs about 2x the gun, but man it handles nicely! And yes, I watched Casino Royale last night.....It was fun

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