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  1. Furey

    UK Airsoft Players Union AGM

    The annual general meeting of the only British airsoft players association. The only time in the UK when any and all players get a chance to select who represents their interests and discuss the future of the hobby in a formal setting. The Cavalier Tavern, 107 St Georges Lane North, Worcester, WR1 1QS Meeting begins 5pm on Saturday 19th November, drinks afterwards for those interested. We look forward to seeing all members there - If you are planning on attending please mail secretary@ukapu.org.uk so we can cater accordingly (When I say cater, I mean provide you with a seat!).
  2. re post 'little johnny' We have already suffered this. A couple of years ago a mother complainerd to our council that her son who had played at our site had come home with marks on his back. Despite showing the council the standard disclaimer form she had signed outlining the fact that all players recieve injuries in the way of red marks, their H&S went through us with a fine tooth comb..........

  3. very nice chap, easy to deal with, excellent communication. quick payment. and a very straight forward transaction, highly recomended.

  4. Bought an AEG from Mikel, he was great to deal with, RIF was in excellent condition and extremely fast postage.

  5. Furey

    What music are you currently listening to?

    just bought the prodigy single 'wind it up'. ok, so it was released in 1993, im a bit behind. it was 50p though!

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