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  1. Just seen this... what's the chest rig? Looks like a custom one based on M56 pouches but I'm not sure
  2. I had a rare opportunity to play on the weekend before Christmas at the club members day, here's a few of the best ones of me: The only game in which I used my Mk46: I used my brother's ICS L85A2 the rest of the day: rhino calls this one the "Are you not entertained?!" picture: And just for *suitcases* and giggles...
  3. You'd need a 19mm to 20mm converter rail. As far as I'm aware, they're somewhat difficult to get a hold of, you'll need to do some digging to find some.
  4. Captain Brown, in the middle?
  5. Did a bit of marshalling yesterday, I managed to sneak into one pic without me realising: Yes, that's me in the panda hat, and it saved me from getting shot a couple of times...
  6. I've been trying to persuade a friend of mine to make me a skirmishable HEV suit for ages... No dice yet
  7. Aye, we're all highly impressed. All by Goldfish69 Photography, and if it weren't for the fact that they're paintballers, I'd recommend them
  8. Oops, double post...but some more MTP:
  9. A few of my patches. Not pictured are my site team patch, Mandalorian skull and winged modern Spartan helmet patch that me and my bro wear.
  10. Few pics taken at the last skirmish on Sunday by Goldfish69 Photography - props for some excellent pics
  11. Not our gun room, but I couldn't find a thread this would fit in properly. Me and my bro decided to put all the weapons we had with us at the last skirmish on a table and photograph them. Mine are the three at the far end, the rest is Edds:
  12. Me and my bro, knackered at the end of a day's skirmishing. Was a really good day. I'm the fat *bramston pickle* with the Mk46.
  13. My brother and I (me being the tree-trunk with the Mk46). We're both wearing MTP PCSs, I've got on Helikon trousers, a Mk4 Osprey and a Multicam MOLLE belt-kit, whilst he is wearing a mix of Multicam and MTP.
  14. You could have at least tried to hide the domain names of those pics so that it wasn't entirely obvious you're just posting pics of bushes in a vain attempt to show how good your camo is
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