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  1. FYI, those pictures are available on DVIDS in hi-res. Get an account - it's free - to remove the watermarks.
  2. Remember that not all games take place on small, organized sites that are easily accessible for emergency services - that might be the case in the UK, but not in other countries. If you look at scandinavia, milsim games there take place on sites that can be several square kilometers big and only have dirt tracks - it could take an ambulance quite some time to get there, especially if you think about how difficult it would be to direct them to the scene of the accident.
  3. Yes, but hypothermia has some serious side effects that you really do not want in a trauma patient - stuff like slower blood clotting, slower breathing and worse oxygen exchange between blood and cells... keeping a patient warm is something you should not forget about.
  4. This is what I usually carry in my left leg pocket: - 1 EA German military dressing - 1 EA triangular bandage - 1 ES trauma shears - 2 EA elastic bandages - 2 EA 10x10cm dressing pads - 1 EA 60x80cm dressing - 1 EA blue chem light - 1 EA od/silver casualty blanket - 2 PR nitrile gloves It's a bit old school, but since the IFAK is meant to be used on me and others might not have the training to apply Israeli combat bandages etc., that's what I wanted.
  5. The soft armor inserst for the Mehler vest have a unique cut that is similar to neither the one of the flak vest panels nor BALCS-cut panels: You can see that the bottom of the panels is arched, which is not the case for other panels. You can, however, fit flak vest panels into the Mehler vest, if you have a medium-short flak vest.
  6. I usually use a lightweight (rip-stop material) smock when the game takes place in a woodland environment. The light fabric, pit zips and the generous cut make it very usable even in hot weather, for colder or wet weather you can add layers underneath easily. What I don't really need are the extra lower pockets the german smocks usually have - it just doesn't make much sense to carry a sophisticated first aid or surival/E&E kit in airsoft. A field or combat shirt is something I only use when I'm wearing body armor for CQB missions.
  7. But what ballistic vest would you wear with it? About the IdZ LBV, you could always shop directly at the manufaturer's and buy just the stuff you actually need to save a few bucks: http://www.multi-design.de/shop/index.php?language=de
  8. If you want to mount the holster directly to the vest, using the S95 adaptors, just use the standard issue holster that comes with every P8: http://www.asmc.de/de/Militaerausruestung/...lecktarn-p.html If you're looking for a drop-leg holster, there are plenty of options available. Personally, I like the HSGI-style holsters with a single leg strap like this one: http://www.recon-company.de/75Tactical_Tie...105-1619-d.html If you want to spend a little more, all pistol users on deployment from this year on get issued a Blackhawk Serpa kit in tan color that includes a leg base, a s
  9. Placing your pistol mag on your strong side is generally a bad idea and I don't think the position of the knife is ideal, either.
  10. No, that one looks like a modified C-rail. The "KSK" rail has a small bend in the front while the "C" one has a continious slant in the front. Also, the small metal parts that hold the screws reach up very close to the the height of the clearance, on a KSK rail you would see the extra height as a gap between that metal parts and the upper side of the clearance - if you get what I mean. I have a rubber boot-band in the same spot on my rifle, I use it to put the muzzle cap there when it's not on the rifle. Apart from that, I can't think of a reason for a band there.
  11. View through the red dot sight looks like this: http://www.kdospezop.de/album_showpage.php?pic_id=319
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