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    My Glock 17, and my KWA Glock 17. Just recieved the KWA today. Attempted to remove the orange paint(as this is legal in my state), and NOTHING worked. If it removed orange paint, it removed black finish too. I decided to paint over it, and it looked like ######. I figured I could live with it. Then I put it in my holster, and the black paint wore off, revealing the orange paint underneath(as seen on the top of the glock). I got a Glock34 a while back, and bought a metal slide for it recently(purchased from WGC, $94 USD). I attempted to put it on, and it refuses to cycle. Anyone have any idea what can cause this? This leads to my second question, what Glock17 slide would you guys recommend for my KWA(one that won't result in it not cycling!)? I was looking at the PGC, as it is relatively inexpensive(around 60 or 70 bucks), but I know nothing about it, or any other slide for that matter.
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