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  1. Can't remember if I posted these or not-
  2. Is that their RG? Because it looks *fruitcage* close
  3. S- MLCS- http://www.specwargear.com/SEAL-GEAR-2007.html AAV- http://www.specwargear.com/AAV.html
  4. Might have to pick one up, but the stuff breaking might hold me back. Then again I like tinkering, so
  5. Is it just me or does it look like in the second picture navymp linked the guy is at Zussman? Just kinda interesting
  6. I am tempted to get these solely for the connector, as the multitude of adapters for real ones cost quite a pretty penny
  7. They're pretty rare, and discontinued too I think, so if one surfaces on eBay prepare to pay.
  8. Higher mAh / voltage maybe?
  9. Just quoting in case ya'll were curious about the MBSS And yerp, it's AI
  10. ding ding ding! $100 dorrars
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