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  1. The shipping cost isn't actually that bad, it's the fact that the part itself is like $40.
  2. Just watched it myself. That's all I need to see. Gonna try to order one now. Hopefully shipping isn't too bad to the States. Edit - eh, on second thought, $51 with shipping is a bit steep of a price.
  3. Brilliant, I need one for sure. From what I can tell from the French reviews, it works well.
  4. Man, why don't you guys live in the states? Been trying to sell off my extra one for a while...
  5. I didn't know you finished it!! It's gorgeous.
  6. Yes! Love this thread already. My contribution: TM AUG SR Metal feed nozzle M120 spring 9.6v NiMH PDC Hopup "SMG" outer barrel CA SCAR inner barrel Custom A2 Charging handle Magpul MOD rail G&P EOTech 552 UTG Taclight
  7. Cheers, looks like that'll be my next purchase. Er, by the way..... any idea where to get one shipped to US for less than $63?
  8. I don't really understand where it came from. The stock G39 I have has absolutely no barrel wobble, yet my main one, which I've only opened up twice - once to replace the hop nub and once to try to reinforce the barrel - has a silly amount of play in the barrel. It's also completely independent of the barrel nub and as far as I can tell stems from the hop unit directly, which is a silly way to hold a barrel in place. I mean the barrel is basically being held by two tiny little phillips screws in a pot-metal hop unit and free-floats from then on. I tried using tape to make a tighter seal in
  9. Does anyone have a solid fix for the barrel wobble issue? I tried taping the barrel inside the hop unit but it still wobbles a few mm in each direction.
  10. Trying out my ATACS FG with basic woodland on top, since I don't have an ATACS top yet. What do you think? (excuse the Photoshop, didn't like the look of my messy room in the background.)
  11. Picked up a cheap railed handguard, made by SRC according to the box. Build quality isn't that great as there's a big ol' seam running down the whole thing, and I'm a little afraid of it snapping in half. Also the rails aren't mil-spec and so I had to add some tape under my taclight to get it to grip properly. Also also the lower rail is short, not the long type that any sane person would include with it. Other than that, it works just fine and seems solid enough. Oh, I also had to sand it down just a bit to get it to fit correctly.
  12. Looks great! Glad I could inspire someone with my own bodge job. I think you cut yours exactly where I did.
  13. Thanks! I used a hand saw, took me about 20 minutes total. I would suggest unscrewing the metal thingy that runs through the rail first.
  14. $94, not a very good deal.
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