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  1. Omg, i am so jelous of all you people and the lovely fleckie, I have a ton of new stuff i've not pictured inc gas mask, gortex and some other bits n bobs
  2. I know gun safety thank you, why on the trigger for the photos, i believe its called being a poser Anyway if you do look the safety is on at "ALL" times and I KNOW that isn't an excuse but if i want my finger on the trigger while taking photos I will. *points out finger* This is my safety Seriously I respect all gun safety.
  3. due to limit of img tags, continued Sniper 2 Loadout - M4
  4. Due to living on an island its harder for me to get to games, so i had some new kit n wanted to look at my diff loadouts, if in wrong place, sorry, anyway here we are and YES i forgot to wear my gloves lol General Solider Look - HK Mp5 Heavy Gunner - M60 Special Forces - MP5 Sniper 1 Loadout - M4 Continued in next post.
  5. M4 sniper tis done (apart from 600odd (or just a 590mm) inner barrel
  6. i agree but i think it'd look better when its got a bipod on it.
  7. from what i remember it hits 340fps ish, but settles to 328 i believe, Very lovely internals, bodywork isn't amazing but skirmishable, I'm metalising mine. the silencer is 250mm, yes its long but i plan on a tightbore (maybe exstend it into the silencer, I don't know yet) and bipod and DM her.
  8. I am skint atm but how much?
  9. Nothing special bout this like I see in alot of guns, but its a good gun to me, Top M4A1 body and internals, CA metal front end (soon CA metal receiver etc Colt AR15 scope Mode 2 250mm silencer,
  10. Left to Right (this is all my gear bar 2Glocks which are at G_R's house awaiting repair and sale. Replica PASGT and Fleckie Cover Flecktarn Airforce Cap Flecktarn Boonie Black Woolen Balaclava Bolle Shooting Glasses Flecktarn Shirt Flecktarn Trousers and belt (NOT a stain on the trousers, Light flash) Flecktarn Flak Vest Black leather half finger gloves Webbing with Belt Flecktarn Spade pouch Flecktarn General purpose pouch Flecktarn Canteen pouch Flecktarn MP5 mag pouch 3 x name tags (need to be sewn on saying Hellfire) Night Vision Binoculars with a 2.5x
  11. Lmao just noticed that but its not my mother, tis the gf's mother.
  12. PASGT with fleckie cover Flecktarn BDU's Flecktarn Flakvest Webbing, Mp5 pouch, General pouch etc etc ICS Mp5a4 (now with Walther RDS)
  13. What about limiting the amount of guests that can use the board/view it at anyone time? Set the server up so onlyl 150 or something guest can view the website, just an idea.
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