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  1. Ok the air force doesn't where that cap often all though I have some bodies who are air force who have. Navy does and Marines. I would bet against Air Force unless he's an airman basic because he has no stripes. Ill put my money on Navy. No digital camo makes me lean towards navy. Although sometimes navy wheres Marine digital. The only way to know for sure is if he responds.
  2. JUst want to say I miss you all at airsoft pacific. The pics look awesome I wish I could have been with you guys.
  3. It is the new TW I bought both the 6mm and 8mm. The silver shells are the 6mm and the red ones are the 8mm. the guns are the same because they can take either shell. fps is impresive range isnt spectacular but the spread is. 8mm holds five and 6mm holds 7. Full metal and wood. These guns are impressive. Ever since I got into airsoft i have known about the hudson and wanted a sawn off of higher quality. These are exactley those shotguns. I bought them and those pictures are from an upcoming reveiw that I will be putting up maybe later today. THe only thing I would love to see these guns do that
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  5. deleted scene of yosemite sam from mad max
  6. darkstar goofball

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    son those nose hairs are out of regs
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