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  1. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    No problems whatsoever! The 7inch CNC rail from Ebaybanned fit like a charm. No spacers needed or anything. There are no issues with the barrel. If memory serves i just unscrewed a barrel extention and changed the inner for the shorter one. It's a work in progress. I'll post again once i've added what i want. Snake
  2. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    My turn to show off. My V1. Now with reinforced parts installed. RIS from Ebaybanned. Magpul stock bought from the forums. Bought when they were frst released. I'm using it for the first time tomorrow. Very excited. Snake
  3. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    It is with a heavy heart i post this comment about Airsoft Buddy. I ordered my M4 when they were first released and had to send many emails to get confirmation of my order. I had several replies saying it had been shipped at different dates and a one apologising for not shipping it at all. 6 Weeks later i recieved a tracking number via email and found out that it had been in the UK for a while awaiting inspection from customs. If i'd had the tracking number when i first asked i could have had it released from customs much ealier than the three weeks it took. I've just ordered the steel parts so that it can run without breaking (surely the common parts for the original M4's that break should be free?) and i've had no reply. I seems that only the people that post on the forums get noticed so here i am recommending that any new customers buy from someone else at least untill AB can sort their communication out. Sorry guys. Snake
  4. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hi, I bought my M4 when they were first released and i wanted to know if anyone else was has managed to get replacements for the more common troublesome internal parts? I was told by another user that they had contacted airsoft buddy and had been sent reinforced parts free of charge. I this a service they are offering to the very first customers? None of my parts have broken but it hasn't had more than a few mags through it since last year. I haven't skirmished it yet for fear of bit's flying off in the dark at my local CQB site. Any replies would be greatfully received. Snake
  5. ATrusted seller who was good enough to answer all my questions

  6. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hi guys, I thought i'd post this up for anyone else in my position. I ordered through Airsoft Buddy who sent it out very quickly but it's been stuck in customs for a week with no other reason than 'pending charge' If you haven't had a letter from customs then follow these instructions Call parcel force on 08708 50 11 50 so they can give you your UK tracking number. (Mine started EEEE and ended in HK. Customs will only accept the Parcel Farce one starting EC and ending GB). Call UK customs on 02476 212860. Give them the EC number and they will tell you what the problem is. It will probably be that UKARA details have not been sent with the parcel. All they want from me is a copy of my UKARA form and proof of purchase to sting me with tax. Hope this helps someone. I'm off to find a fax machine! Snake
  7. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    I ordered one through Airsoft Buddy a few weeks ago and nothing has turned up yet. I'd like to hear how long similar orders have taken to arrive to the UK and how much the customs charges were. Snake
  8. SnakeHT

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hi, Has anyone in the UK ordered from Airsoft Buddy and not recieved their gun yet? I ordered last friday and despite assurances that one had been posted i've not had a tracking number. I've emailed twice and had replies with promises of numbers but to no avail. I just want to share in the love! Snake
  9. exellent seller

    item as discribed and very well packed.

    buy off him again anyday

  10. SnakeHT

    What's your backup?

    God or Satan. Whoever replies to my prayers first. One time it was Rod Hull and Emu. Those were dark days. Snake

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