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  1. Got mine about 6 months ago, been through about three winter skirmishes with it. Then the whole summer's worth so far. This thing goes like crazy and never stops. Throw a 9.6V battery in on top of that, instead of that 8.4 cheapo that they give you. Watch your ROF go through the roof. Reliability so far has been great, even with the 9.6 in there, no complaints. Lookswise it needed a little work, but reclock the flashhider, sand and restain the foregrips (too reddish), repaint the incorrect black pistol grip brown and you have a pretty good copy of an AKS-74U. D-boys does have the nicer ex
  2. I don't see any problems with dropping the ACM internals into the G+P, other than the fact that you'd have to do some messin' around with the wiring and feed tubes. Those ACM boxes look like they feed a Star or CA M249 series gun. I'll be writing the 100rd pouch conversion in a few days and posting it in the project sections. Sounds like more people are getting the MK46 version of this gun, which wouldn't be using the 200rd box, but the 100rd pouch anyway in the interest of making the RS weapon lighter weight. A warning first. You do lose the battery space using the 100rd box, and it gets hard
  3. Ranger Stubbs

    Chin Grab.jpg

    "You have GOT to stop jabbing your bayonets into each other's eyes! Someone's going to get hurt someday."
  4. Ranger Stubbs

    Small man or Big cup?

    "Somehow playing indoor airsoft just ain't the same without my coffee and anorak."
  5. Ranger Stubbs

    I want me some fun!

    Why does it always say "Aim towards Enemy" on THAT end of the launcher?
  6. Ranger Stubbs

    Big Guy.jpg

    Guy on the far left, whispers... "Dude, don't let him see the donuts you have hidden in your drum mag!"
  7. Ranger Stubbs


    "Go on without me, guys, I've got to cover my cupcakes!"
  8. Hey Gents! A long awaited reply, been too busy here to be typing as of late, but I'll update you. My gun so far has seen about 10 more skirmishes from the last time I was on, but the heavy *badgeress* still remains my primary weapon. I've been trying to keep an estimate of how many rounds fired now, it's around 185,000 give or take a couple hundred. That being said, two parts in my gun have been replaced since my last post. I sheered the shaft on the spur gear while stripping down the mechbox for cleaning and a check for wear and tear. That was my own fault. Emailed G+P and got the repla
  9. I dont know if the thread is dead or not, but I definitely have to say that the KWC Mini-Uzi is one of the most fun guns I own, even if I can't use it on the skirmish field. As a matter of fact, its the ONLY gun of many that I've owned that just isnt practical for field use. But I still keep it and I love it's classic and simple style. That's a result of its recoil and realism involved in its construction, also it's reliabilty and ease of maintenence. I can literally field strip and put the gun back together blindfolded. As a pure collectors item, it's top notch. A few things to the
  10. LOL, at ease, you crazy bunch of killers. G+P uses a AUG type metal hop up set for the M249. As far as how it compares to CA's, all I know is that you can possibly over adjust the CA, therefore catching the nozzle and grinding up the gears in the process. Otherwise the CA hop up has reported to hold up well enough. As far as my AUG hop up goes, it is very easy to adjust, and any of the skirmishes I've been to with the gun or shooting it recreationally has been holding right in place and working just fine.
  11. Sorry for not posting for a while, but no change in my gun as of yet, except for around 5000 more trouble free rounds through it during two more skirmishes and adding the G+P aftermarket MKII stock to house my bigger 8.4V battery again. Just couldnt get a long enough run time out of the gun with the 9.6V 1100mah stick battery to justify keeping it in there. The MKII stock is also much more comfortable to shoot with, a fact I had forgotten since the only time I used a MKII was in Basic Training/AIT, vs. only using the Para stocked version in the Ranger Regt. Always switched to a secondary weapo
  12. Two things, for Flint, the link to the G+P customer service dept. is posted a few postings back, and the other, I just found out that replacement box mags are now available for sale on the retail market for anyone else who's interested. Seen them on a few of the major distributor's sites as of now, should be getting easier to get very soon as they spread out.
  13. Excellent news, any of my customer service experiences have been good with G+P. Hopefully it will be a painless continuing trend with other customers.
  14. Sorry to hear about the problems, gentlemen. I was hoping this gun series would kick the *albatross* out of anything out there competitionwise. Guess not. As for a solution to both issues with both owners involved since my last post, I'd still recommend talking to G+P about getting replacement parts. So far they do not sell any external M249 replacement parts in any retail store. (except for the hugely expensive hard steel part kit for TOP's M249, railed feed tray cover and also a MKII stock) They're compatible, but as stated, who needs ALL those parts when you need just one. An outer ba
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