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  1. The 'Clipper of Destiny' clearly wasnt working.....
  2. Forgot about this thread lol...changed my car and bike just lately...
  3. Looks like that Noveske receiver on the real steel is bespoke and not the same as an sr25....I'm prob's wrong though.... Looking good Roecar
  4. My boggo standard G&P CQBR with CA quick mount surpressor... I'll deffo be doing something to it, but my Armalite knowledge is f all compared to most on here. I'm really thinking about getting a KingArms CASV front end, deffo a clubfoot modstock, trigger guard, Noveske flash hider and sling lol. Quick one chaps, I take it the KA CASV set will fit no probs on this cqbr? TA Mart
  5. My new ride... and Got rid of the Gixer 750 about a month back. Even though the 'zuki was far, far quicker, the grin factor on this is f*cking priceless. My neighbours get ######*d off everytime I start her up (by the way, its a 1200cc) Mart
  6. merlin6823

    Chin Grab.jpg

    The kind hearted Russian Navy drill instructor found 'lumpy mayonaise' on yet another cadet's chin... Mart
  7. merlin6823


    Hotdog - "Im dying for a p*ss but I cant reach me c*ck!" Pepsi - "How the f*ck you think I feel, I need a sh*t and I think I just farted and followed through"... Mart
  8. merlin6823


    "You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead rolls of flab in between my arms! Grrrrrrr..." Mart
  9. merlin6823

    Small man or Big cup?

    Troy Tempest was a versatile little fella'... Mart
  10. merlin6823

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    The Mexican special forces arrived to save the day... Mart
  11. merlin6823

    Big Guy.jpg

    Mr 'Heed' won the 'cock out' competion by a long shot... Mart
  12. The next week, the poor lad had an a rse like an anteater's nose after is 'best friend' stuck a baseball bat it his a rse.... Mart
  13. During the weekly 'tranny night', the Sgt's got quite familiar with each other... Mart
  14. Gunman - "I can tell this man is french just by his hand signals..." Mart
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