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  1. Born2BeMild

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Ok, here's mine. Remember, you started this Sledge! Woman who watch football. Why oh why do women get involved in something they know nothing about? Just because you sat there and learned the offside rule doesn't mean I don't realise that secretly, while you're sitting there applauding the great goal that was just scored that you're not secretly just there to watch 22 blokes run around in little shorts. I've wanted my team to win the European cup since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I've lived it and suffered every ounce of pain when they havent met my expectations. I didn't speak for 2 days when England got knocked out of Euro 2004 for pete's sake. I wanted to be a footballer when I was a kid. I took a football to bed with me for crying out loud. I played at every level from junior to county. I froze my knackers off on countless Sundays getting kicked to pieces by brainless neanderthals with only the most rudimentary motor skills-"Ug, striker must kick."- I bled for the dream man. I didn't just turn up one Saturday because of David poxy Beckham and instantly start quoting John Motson and acting like I knew everything. The burgers are supposed to be horrible, the programs are supposed to be expensive and a waste of time, the seats are meant to be uncomfortable, it is required to swear like a trooper, it is perfectly acceptable to call the referee a wan**r at every opportunity. THATS THE WAY WE LIKE IT SO BLOODY GO SHOPPING AND LEAVE FOOTBALL ALONE! Phew...feel better now. Gotta go, my girl's just walked in wearing nothing but a Chelsea shirt.....WOOHOOO!
  2. Born2BeMild

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!


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