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  1. Curious but did you have any issues getting the tail safety to fit within the grip OK? Mine isn't long enough and the catches don't reach the hammer spring housing, so the tail safety just flips outwards freely.
  2. Holy hell that's pretty much the grail of SAA's. Congrats, I'm jealous for sure
  3. Isn't that the designation for the barrel length for SAA's?
  4. Not gonna lie, I'd totally get two of these for funsies. Don't have to deal with gas and my Tanaka can stay in its display case without worry ❤️
  5. Is that the same Arrow Arms/ARES OEM one? Mainly was hoping it wasn't that one lol.
  6. Some airsoft manufacturer aside from Madbull needs to just make that ring sight. Makes the P90 look the most authentic, and wouldn't cost a damn arm and leg trying to get that with the REM illuminator.
  7. Doesn't Nov just rebrand *suitcase* and markup the price anyways? Lol
  8. Curious OP but are you looking to build more of the movie rifle or what was accurate to the time? Because those are pretty different, and being that it is a custom rifle built in the time before rail-mounted accessories were a thing, if you want it truly accurate, some of those parts will be very hard to find now. I've built Gordon's rifle before (sold it unfortunately), but most of the parts used for the build are hard to find/out of production.
  9. Here's to hoping they just sell that scope rubber on the back because my PSG1 never came with one lol.
  10. Which suppressor did you get for the M733? Been looking for one for forever and the old King Arms one is out of production.
  11. Question but how are yall mounting the pegboard to the wall? Are you just screwing them into your wall's studs? Curious because I have a ton of guns too but I'm worried on the weight limit to hanging all the guns.
  12. So the TM M&P9 and M&P9L have different BBU units. Are the nozzles different too? Or can I use a standard M&P9 nozzle?

    1. intinerious


      Nope, difference nozzles, kinda like the G17/G18c difference.

    2. aznriptide859


      Bummer, time to buy more parts lol. Thanks!


  13. So I just learned the P320 allows for modular lower grip changes because the FCU is housed within frame. Purchased a P320 X-Five grip to see if the VFC M17's lowers will fit in it, then move onto a P80 grip to be a bit more unique. Hope this goes well!

  14. Who makes the PMAG40? Been seeing them a lot recently.
  15. GRIM/RealFakeGuns did a video on it, it doesn't look super involved (compared to the receiver).
  16. And apparently split their head open if that doesn't work out lol.
  17. What's with your fascination with PPS shells XD
  18. *German breathing intensifies
  19. SLR B15 now properly suppressed :). Non-suppressed will use an AAC Blast Shield (that's still on back order :()
  20. Good lord that's one long boi. My contribution: maximum P L A I D
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