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  1. No actually you love me The real deal It's a non-vented Russian lower (also a Russian upper off course), I got it from Russia some years ago. So true , and I hate making pictures
  2. Some stuff of my Russian collection
  3. Yeps, I have one since some weeks
  4. Put an 1000m rear sight on that AKMS, it begs you for one 800m rear sights are for the Ak-47 types.
  5. Hoppum, some nice rare mags you have there! Congrats
  6. I've a russian aksu sling, it's a nice little sling for this little gun!
  7. mmhhh okay Anyways, the gun looks very good , I've two Kalash Aks-74N's myself, both with RS russian hand guards (one wood, one with plum), I should take some pictures... .
  8. Too bad that they shipped you an akm upper instead of an 74 upper. But nice Ak
  9. Exactly Shroomalistic: very nice collection!!
  10. Btw, it's FW200 not 2000 And it's Zombiemaster from our team Osnaz who made it (he has a second one now). Total cost between 1300 - 1600€ for 1.
  11. plumski bayo from Northridge, 47 bayo from eBay, survival knife from Oleg, Coticule whetstone from my own shop.
  12. I always use my Visa card when buying from FSU, normally it takes a week between ordering and receiving my stuff.
  13. The chance that they will answer your mails is like 5%, I only received an answer once (and I emailed them a lot in the past ) Indeedy , I was one of those fancy boys that paid lots of $$$ for a Guarder Aks-74 kit 3-4 years ago. But hell, it was the coolest Ak for sale then
  14. Izhmash Ak-47 & '74 plum bayonet, HB-1-01 survival knife and a Coticule Selected whetstone .
  15. Inokatsu AKMS, Russian hand guards & PBS-1 rear sight, a Big Dave PBS-1
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