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  • Birthday 03/23/1972

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    About 4-5 yrs ago
  • Toy collection
    Magpul Custom M4
    Ares Tavor Compact
    ACM ACR Masada
    RS type 56-1
    G&P SR16 URX
    KSC MP9
    Tanaka M870 BV
    Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.
    CA SLR105 A1
    G&G UMG
    AK M249 MKII
    G&G GR-16
    TM M14 wood kit
    TM MP5k
    KSC MAC11
    TM MP7A1
    CA MP5-A5
    JG G36C
    CYMA Thompson M1A1
    TM Type 89
    TM P90 RDV
    CM.028 w/Tan G&P Tactical kit
    TM M1911A1
    TM P226
    TM Desert Warrior 4.3
    MAruzen P99 Movie edition
    Maruzen P99 Prime slide
    KSC USP Compact
    TM G-17
    TM G-17 metal slide
    KSC Glock 18c OD
    KSC Glock 19
    KWA Glock 18c
    Tanaka Colt Silver SAA
    Tanaka S&W M66 Combat Magnum
    Tanaka Colt Black SAA CASYOPEA
    WE 6" Luger
    TM Desert Eagle Silver Full metal
    TM Desert Eagle Full Metal
    KJW USP Tactical
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    They call me Son because I shine like one!
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    United States

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    Iowa City, Iowa
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    I like to party.

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  1. Just ordered a Tactical Roni kit for my glock from UN Co...

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