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  1. Well, today it let me post the review I've been trying to post for the past week or so. I did find out that if I tried to copy the article I wrote from my blog, then create a new post on here and paste in the info; I would get the error again. If I just put a subject line, and a few words in the post, then posted it, it would work. I could then go back, edit, and paste in my review to the now existing post and it would work fine. I still couldn't get it to preview the post though.
  2. Intro KWA has been kind enough to send us their new Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP) for review. For those of you new to the scene we'll provide a history lesson, so sit down face forward and listen up. Around 2009, Glock decided that it needed to protect it IP's including the trademarked design and appearance of the Glock firearm. This was extended to everything from artistic representation to manufacturing products similar in appearance. For the airsoft world, this was the begining of the end for the Glock replica. For a while some manufacturers changed their model numbers and swapped th
  3. Arnie, you still need someone to do that? Just PM me and we'll sort out the details.
  4. Still getting that error. Every once in a while I can preview a topic before posting, but then I hit the post button and it fails.
  5. It's weird, I can sometimes post, but most of the time Chrome says "data not sent" or "server disconnected", and I've tried with Internet explorer and it just sits there and looks at me dumb. Also, I can't always get the "preview post" to work either.
  6. Ah, and there it is. If something is Licensed by Umarex, then that would be why it has all the features and trades. I'm running the KP45, not the Tactical (which is the Umarex version I believe).
  7. Odd. My old one didn't have a key, and my new one doesnt. Talked with Allizard and he said that they did not put the key or the key cylinder in them as it is a patent held by H&K. Now if you have a KSC or Umarex model that has official trades, then I could see having the key lock.
  8. Is it just a hole where the trigger lock is supposed to be, or an actual keyed cylinder that is supposed to be there? Just think it's curious if some have it and some don't. Do you have a pic of it?
  9. does it actually have the trigger lock? Mine has the spot for it, but the circular bit with the square drive key hole is not there. It's just a circular hole where the lock should be.
  10. KWA KP45 / USP — NS2 System Intro Several years ago Infected Armory reviewed the KWA USP .45 as one of its first reviews. Today we are taking a look at the revised KWA KP45 with the NS2 system that KWA USA has been kind enough to provide us with. Through out this review we will compare it to the original USP that was released several years ago and see how it stacks up. While that review was done in the infancy of Infected Airsoft, and as such was not quiet as methodical or in-depth, we can still draw some clear conclusions as we look at the new KWA KP45. First Impressions KWA's
  11. I posted it so Marlowe would see it, as I know that a user can't install it.
  12. Here's the solution to the problem. It's an issue with the Rich Text Editor used by IP.Board http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/3...or-ipboard-236/ The patch in the link above will fix the problem globally.
  13. I used to use a carabiner to hold my first mag. I'd have all my pouches loaded up, and a carabiner with one extra mag loaded up. When we went out into the field I'd put that mag into my gun so as to not be down a mag at the beginning of a game. As far as using it as a dump pouch... all that rattling would get on my nerves!
  14. Anyone know where I can find pics of the internals of this gun?
  15. I guess I should have been more specific... what pouch would you use for short mags?
  16. Hum... I might have to pick one of these up to torture review.
  17. What are you guys using for mag pouches? The mag seem to be a bit of an awkward size.
  18. Many of you have had a chance to read my Lithium Polymer Battery Primer, and have made the exciting dive into the world of lipo batteries. I'm excited to see that there is a movement among manufacturers to embrace these somewhat new battery chemistries and dispel the "black magic-voodoo" mentality that surrounds them. With the ushering in of users new to the world of lipoly batteries, comes the fear of destroying a new battery, and possibly a gun due to running the voltage low on your pack. Since lipoly batteries have a lower limit of 2.8v (with 3.0v being the lowest you really ever want to
  19. So I opened up a teammate's pdw the other day. It has only seen one day of play and here's what I found. One damaged piston (very worn teeth), and 3 out of the 6 bearings were broken. The gearbox has some great features (easily released AR latch, bolt catch, etc), but the bearings are total garbage. Luckily we found the bearings had fallen apart before any gear damage occurred.
  20. Nope. It's a systema medium. If you go with the systema medium motor you have to use longer screws in the grip as the tower at the top of the motor is slightly larger than the one on the dboys. This keeps the motor from moving high enough in the grip to use the stock screws. You have to use longer screws and the motor base plate sits about 2mm lower than stock.
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