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  1. thanks, I've got some new ones coming up with Maxpedition equipment and Madbull products. Keep watching for them.
  2. Thanks. I've got a lot more coming.
  3. 2006 model I guess since I bought it last july. It has the newer hop up chamber in it (yellow gears).
  4. Overall a great AEG, although there are some short comings. If you like playing CQB and woodland, this might be a good buy for you. Check out my review by clicking here to find out more.
  5. Well, I had to try it out. It was cheap, and I need a chest rig so why not. Click here for my full review.
  6. This is a gem of a product made by Nitro Vo. The vertical foregrip has become a mainstay of the M4 / M16 community. Originally designed to keep the shooter’s hands away from the heated barrel of a real steel rifle, the vertical foregrip also has been found to allow for greater maneuverability in close quarters action. The Nitro Vo Folding Vertical Foregrip is a real functional piece of kit, as it allows for quick maneuvering of the weapon in tight quarters, and can be tucked away when not needed. This foregrip is not for everyone however, as your play style will contribute to how useful it is
  7. I just posted my review on my website, check it out: http://infectedairsoft.wordpress.com/revie...reen-dot-sight/
  8. I just finished my review of the KJW M9 Elite (reviewed here).
  9. Actually, I never chrono'ed the gun before hand, if I had to guess it was no more than 10fps. I bought it to tighten up my grouping more than anything.
  10. just wanted to say that I updated the review with pics.
  11. Yeah, Gmail started flagging it all as spam messages (never did that before). Wonder if that had to do with the dns changes. Check your spam boxes everyone!
  12. I've set all my subscribed topics to immediate notification, yet since the forums have been back up I have not received any emails notifying me that a topic has been replied to or updated. I double checked all my notifications, and they are still set to immediate. EDIT: never mind, I don't know why, but gmail started marking it all as spam.
  13. Well, the title pretty much says it all. I just finished the review on it so check it out and let me know if you have any feedback on it! Infected Airsoft
  14. Check out my full review here: http://infectedairsoft.wordpress.com/revie...3mm-for-the-m4/ Sorry I didn't post pictures showing the groupings of the shots. I actually bought this months ago and installed it, and in that time I mixed up the pictures of the various groupings from this gun with another gun. So I guess you'll have to take my word for it.
  15. Check out my full review of the KWA USP .45 here: http://infectedairsoft.wordpress.com/reviews/kwa-usp-45-2/
  16. Yeah, I get the same problem from time to time. Sometimes I go a week, and never get an email telling me that a thread I've subscribed to has a new reply. I'll sign on to the forums, and see that there have been several replies. I don't know what's up with that.
  17. infected

    UTG Guns

    Well, I think there are pictures of the AK47 on thier home page: http://leapers.com/pages/airsoft%20sport/a...t-aeg-intro.htm
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