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  1. Nice job, you missed some on your pistol grip though, heres my Delta paintjob i did back in the summer.
  2. Above ...... Where? More like below. Finmere Airsoft 16 december.
  3. yeh, curly sent me it on msn. He said the pics should be up wednesday
  4. Tell him he can buy me one if he feels like it.
  5. Got my Ghost cam on sunday and proved to work quite well Not the best picture but i like it
  6. Yet another picture sesh Finaly got the paint job how i like it, Since the first one i have done 4 different paint jobs, Finaly came up with this one, Using a base of khaki, and using the same leaf all over, Basicly 50% OD and 50% Brown, Then Khaki stipes at random then add the fern plants and going over in OD and brown, also using a nice weed in the back garden wich was long and thin, so i created a grass effect allaround the front end and bi pod. Here are the pictures. Some of the pics are a little over exsposed but you can see the detail well. Phone
  7. FPS, Or you too lazy to list that ?
  8. VSR Real Shock £145.00 Laylax (PSS10) 150SP Spring £12.99 Laylax (PSS10) Spring Guide £15.99 Laylax (PSS10) Spring Guide Stopper £13.25 Laylax (PSS10) High Pressure Piston £24.99 Laylax (PSS10) Cylinder Head £14.50 Laylax (PSS10) Piston Sear £13.25 Laylax (PSS10) Trigger Sear £22.00 Laylax (PSS10) Silent Damper Rubber Pads £6.99 Laylax (PSS10) Barrel Spacers for Pro Sniper and Real Shock £9.99 Laylax (PSS10) 6.03mm Inner Barrel (430mm) £35.00 Tokyo Marui Scope Mount Base for VSR-10 £12.99 Tokyo Marui Sling Swivel Set for VSR-10 £7.99 Laylax (PSS10) 14mm Clockwise Si
  9. Lol dude on left looks like Hwoarang from Tekken. man that game rocks
  10. Agreed, Thats the shiz to the izel.
  11. Urban-Ninja Ninja am haxorz.. Air Humping prone. Dave
  12. M.I.S.F.I.T.S. Maximum Inconvenience : Serious Firepower In Tactical Situations Here's a Few Recent Pic's of Misfits who play at Finmere. Pinhead Mmmmmm Barret..... This will be the reason he is called pinhead Rizzo Lolz.. Violent_Assassin
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