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  1. Suppose I should say Hi. I've not been on here for a while but I'm recognising a lot of names from back in the day.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the best AEG G36K is atm? As much as I like my gbb it's not the most reliable thing.
  3. The TK VP70 lives!

    1. Bando


      i love the vp70 can justify buying a TK but if say WE made one id buy it in a second


    2. evansy


      If WE made one I'd be first in line for one.

      I'd love to use one as a sidearm with my Pulse Rifle but there's no way I'm skirmishing my TK one.

  4. You know what's worse than braking one of your favourite pistols? When that pistol is a 10 year old Tanio Koba.

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    2. evansy


      Do you know the dimensions of the USP one and I'll get my callipers out and check the VP70 to make sure.

    3. Rob15


      Stock piston head/cup is 13.5mm, my upgrade ones are around 13.6mm.

    4. evansy


      It's the same size, I'll get one ordered now.

  5. I use the same rig with my pulse rifle so I like to keep a shotgun handy for close encounters. Plus like Sandstorm said they're both gas guns so the mp5 mags only hold 45 rounds. Viper. They're the only thing I've found which hold MP5 and Thompson mags.
  6. Excessive CQB set up for my WE Apache.
  7. If you can find a cheap ASG, KJW, TM silencer you should be able to swap the threaded base over on to a better looking can. There's also this adapter http://www.leesprecision.com/collections/frontpage/products/cnc-machined-16mm-to-14mm-ccw-thread-adapter
  8. What is it with airsofters and DMRs these days? Just buy a bolt action and stop moaning that you can't use your potentially illegal AEG.

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    2. aznriptide859


      That sounds kinky.

    3. Hardcore1-6


      "But i've made it fixed to semi-only!" - Bit of tape on the selector switch, failing to remember they can pull the trigger quickly.

    4. judgeman


      Because if not for DMR kiddies Polar Star would go out of business. #shotsfired

  9. Has anyone seen G3 lowers for sale any where?

  10. Trying to work out how to carry an M870 breacher as a sidearm.

    1. renegadecow


      Drop leg scabbard. Should fit ones for MP7s but there are ones for Serbus and the like.

    2. PureSilver


      Kydex grip? There are several on the market already.

    3. evansy


      I've looked at scabbards and the voodoo tactical one looks the right size but won't fit on my current rig. Kydex was my first idea but the only one I can find is the blade tech one on ehobby and its out of stock in the size I want.

  11. You know you're starting to get old when your next airsoft related purchase is a knee brace.

    1. Wild_XIII


      I'm at that point, but that's more down to being fat. :P

    2. FireKnife


      No zimmer frame with built in high cycle AEGs?

  12. Has anyone seen M249 front sights for sale anywhere?

    1. renegadecow
    2. evansy


      Thanks. Do you know if they're reliable?

    3. renegadecow


      No idea. But KICBBGUN have the same item and they're reputable.

  13. My ever reliable TM M3 has become unreliable. I think this is a sign I need to buy new guns.

    1. Bando


      like an m870 :P


    2. TheFull9


      Just missed out on that sale on at PAS the other day, I nearly bought an 870 myself even though I don't want one or have the money.

  14. Does anyone know which nationality of airsoft monk I need to get to bless my WE G39 to get it working?

    1. ollie_ty


      The kind that only replaces with original parts

    2. Seraphim989


      Have you posted in the G39 thread?

  15. I spent a good 20 mins looking at lunch. It's a pistol I've had for 8 years so it's not as devastating a loss as it would have been if I'd lost a new pistol. I lost it in a fairly well used are of the site too so there's always a chance it may turn up. At least now I have the opportunity to get a "tactical" 1911 without having to mod an A1. Any upgrade tips FK? I use "fell" for short hand the actual description would be slipping in the mud and performing a sick forward roll landing back on my feet and carrying on running.
  16. Pretty much. I had my VFC light on it and the slide lock fell out so the light had to come off and in the next game I lost the pistol either when I fell or while I was crawling.
  17. I'm not even a member of any sites currently. I play so infrequently at the moment that my last game before Sunday was back in early December.
  18. My latest irritation. Loosing my 1911 on Sunday. It's a TM which I've had since the day they were released. To add insult to injury I've just had the dispatch email from WGC for the extended mags I ordered for it last week. Looks like I'm going to have to get myself some VCRA defense sorted so I can buy a replacement pistol.
  19. I've just watched his video and it does look good. This also looked good when I got home from work.
  20. To mod my M14 or not, That is the question.

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    2. evansy


      A 7 year old TM M14 Socom and mods wise a G&P gearbox, M120 motor and DMR cosmetics.

    3. FireKnife


      Skip the DMR bits and do it :P.

    4. PureSilver


      Definitely give it the DMR internals, plus a nice scope and a cheek rest - the big battle rifle's an absolute pig to shoot without an elevated cheekpiece if you're using telescopic sights. And get a wood stock for it!

  21. Does anyone know the best place to get Tactical Tailor gear in the UK?

    1. TheFull9


      tactical-kit.co.uk would be the place that springs to mind. They've got a sale on TT at the moment to boot.

  22. Support gunner problems. Not having batteries for your magazine.

  23. Airsofting on a paintball site this weekend. Now do I take my old kit or risk getting my nice kit covered in paintball spooge?

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    2. FireKnife


      Depends on how covered in paint it is and the type used as from what I recall some pretty much washes off always while some can get quite sticky after it has had the elements at it.

    3. Leshy


      It's only fun if your playing pb'ers, using airsoft as most of there speedboats tactics don't crossover and they refuse to adapt.

    4. Leshy


      *speedball, effin autocorrect!

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