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  1. It was definitely the most fun I had in a one-day event, and I think the same goes for many of the other players judging from the smiles and all-around good mood. Scott designed some incredibly fun scenarios that seemed really engaging for all players, not just the objective-minded ones. Heh, I remember in the third scenario when we made contact with Cartel, we were so pinned down I actually felt like I was being rescued when I saw USFOR show up! The feeling was pure relief. At the same time though, I was saying to myself "Oh *suitcase*! I sure hope they check their fire!" Especially afte
  2. Glad to see some other folks from Arnies made it out to this one! I was one of the staff SEALs with TSOG, hope you guys enjoyed the game!
  3. For some strange reason I really would love to experience such a language barrier ingame. I just think that would add an insane amount of atmosphere to any scenario!
  4. Awesome setup, great pic too!
  5. How come you run your sling around your neck? You don't find that annoying? I always thought you were supposed to run 1-pointers diagonally over the shoulder like normal slings.
  6. Hell yes it does! But I don't have a pouch in OD for my ipod... /sarcasm
  7. Are those F3's or F4's? I've got an F3S, rock-solid radio.
  8. My gear pile My rig The back Kit List: -Repro IBH -ESS Profile NVG goggles -ACH helmet strap -Eagle PC w/ C OD -BHI Triple M4 pouch -BHI Single M4 pouch -BHI SERPA w/ KJW P226 -BHI GP pouch large -Eagle MLCS double pistol mag pouch -TAG dump RG -Eagle MAP w/ Camelbak 3.0L -TT Large radio pouch w/ ICOM F3S, Bowman PRR headset wired to Pryme PTT -Tru-spec TRU set, Woodland -Eagle AIII pack OD -nomex flight gloves -BHI Hellstorm kneepads -5.11 HRT boots
  9. Is that on a 1 point sling!? That seems like a lot of weight on one point. The gun doesn't ever hit you in that special area when you have it hanging?
  10. Hahaha!!! And to make your kit absolutely authentic, you have to carry both with you into the field!
  11. Hah! I think in that shot I strayed a little far off our staggered column formation.
  12. Shots from a couple days of pickup games. Part of the team, I'm front left.
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