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  1. hey i just saw your review on the TM P90 and i am getting one and i saw the red dot scope on yours and i wanted to know if it is reliable and what it is called thanks

  2. is there any shops that can ship this to the US?
  3. but if anything..... i wouldnt recomend going any thing above green gas for the m1100.... and the new pieces that maruzen are making are better than the old ones.... the old ones couldnt handle green gas.... the ones now are perfect but for the m870 u can try run C02 in it.... because it has been done already....
  4. just to let you know.... my m1100 i have has been running on propane for like more than 2000+ shots already..... the bolt recoils as it should, and i havent had any natural stoppages..... it jammed once, but that was my own fault..... i didnt push one of the shells all the way in the tube when i was loading and i pulled the trigger and 2 shells got jammed lol but other than doing something stupid it would be fine.... i might put up a review later..... and i love it to death.... and the thing is pretty loud too lol i would say.... stick with green gas..... or anythi
  5. that gun is all the way down here in hawaii lol come down to ASH BASH.... i think hes bringing it there the gun shoots pretty crazy too lol.....
  6. are u talking to me? yea i use it..... but its kept in very good condition...
  7. i thought u could say the internals.... if the gun is shooting over forum limits....
  8. Tokyo Marui P-90 Savage Hunter internals all changed.... shooting uberly fast....on a 10.8v battery and shooting at ***fps.... (over forum limits)
  9. should just paint a gun to stand out in the field.... ill paint one of my old guns red or something.... lol probably an Mp5.... mahalos....
  10. lol not too bad for second try at Painting.... wont match the hawaiian landscape though...
  11. Here's my Contribution.... Got bored with an old AIM M4A1...... With Silencer..... Without Silencer..... From the Back..... From the Front....(I like this pic ) Kind of like a Urban type of paint job.... But theres no Snow in Hawaii.... so i cant really use it much..... Tell me waht you think! its my first "White" Paint Job lol
  12. lol.... its just to say i made one..... its for those days when im mad, and i want to spray bb's..... i almost always run Standard and Mids.... Box Mag just looks kool and unique.... mahalos for the comment on it though
  13. Tokyo Marui PSG-1: In the Picture: -TM PSG-1 -15rd PSG mag -1 500rd Hi-Cap (Not in Pic..... thats all u need for this gun lol ) Internally: Currently Shooting at 400-410fps.... I Think this is over Forum limits, so i cant what in it..... -9.6v 3000mah battery -Systema 6.04 Precision barrel Externally: Basically all stock.... "Check out my Reviw in the AEG Review Section" -My TM PSG-1 Review (Clicky)- Tell me waht u think.... Review was done when the gun was in Stock form..... ~mILILANIsHOOTER~ Team S.A.P.C. visit us at www.team-sapc.org
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