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  1. flec


    pretty good any more Thanks, James
  2. flec


    these are always fun Full size Full Size Thanks, James
  3. Took some more pics on my last drive Just in time for 08'
  4. Love the old school Volvo's, what kind of engine is it rock'in (8v, 16v)?
  5. Heres my 84 rocc When I was installing the new suspension
  6. My TM Hi-Capa 4.3 finally came! Some pics: Well time for the Springfield slide
  7. I have a TM Hi-Capa 4.3 on the way from Ehobby Asia, I cant wait
  8. I a new RDS on her heres the old optics Kind like the scope better
  9. I know what KSK is but whats there "look"? and i don't got enough $ for the army code stuff, and i think Im going to keep the handgaurd and get a normal rail for the top. (I think )
  10. yea i don't like it ether but it holds a large battery , or i could put a battery bag on the stock?
  11. I need some help... what should i do with my plain G36k?? (definitely CA body kit)
  12. Pops out toast a about 35FPS -Flec
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