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  1. There is one company that I know of for certain that makes them. I will not post a link however due to forum rules about real steal discussions. They are out there however if you take the time to look.
  2. Nothing like a good use of paracord! xD Is your rig a little lopsided? It looks it in one of the pictures but it could just be me.
  3. I find the bagginess is actually helpful sometimes. I'm curious however why it tells me that this is your post number 0.
  4. So, how much does all that weigh fully loaded?
  5. Looks good with the T1 there, but maybe a riser would help the aesthetics?
  6. Is that an ebr kit with that stock?
  7. Will that hold .308 mags? If so, I may have to get one for my m14 load.
  8. Hey Alpha, what optic is that?
  9. Actually I do believe both of them had the same incident......
  10. In the states at least the biggest fear of CCTV is that it can be misconstrued. For example, when I was teaching pre-school I used to play box with some of the kids. It was fun, they enjoyed it, and no one ever got hurt, however from the wrong angle it could easily look like I was beating the bloody ###### out of one of those kids. Now, if someone were to ever file a complaint or charge against me for abuse, and pulled video of me in the classroom and saw that, from the angle that made me look as if I really was beating him, I would be absolutely screwed. Could this be fixed if people took vid
  11. Habakure, I was a pre-school teacher for 2 years, I know exactly what you are talking about. I had teachers come to me and ask me to stop harassing their child, after their child repeatedly refused to follow directions and do what the rest of the class was doing. This was an everyday thing, and I had a group of 3 children (and parents) doing the same thing. However, it was always nice when one of the other parents would give me a card or something along the lines of "Thank you for disciplining my child appropriately and keeping hem/her on task." What was even better was most of the time t
  12. My rant, living in Atlanta, GA. I can't buy a motorcycle here (although I want to one so bad) because its likely my first time out I'll get hit by some parent in a bloody hummer doing 85 in a 25 zone talking on her cell phone and changing her child's diaper while driving, putting on makeup, and reading a book. People here just can't bloody well drive! And you know what? A motorcycle is the only vehicle I can afford right now and I REALLY need a vehicle now. I can't bloody well find a decent car for under $3000, damned living in ATL.
  13. Of course you are! Your bloody fighting Hedgehog with knife man!
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