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  1. Check ebay they show up now and again.
  2. But you can use it to open beer bottles as the vets showed my reenctment unit. They said it was basically the only use. For close fighting they carried boot knives.
  3. Hmm most of the vets I've talked to never carried their messkits in the field... Is this a squad leader's impression? I'm guessing from the MP40 pouches but with airsoft you're limited to weapon choices so I could be very wrong...
  4. UH isn't there already a pictures of your weapons thread?
  5. That's actually pretty hardcore for the US as well. Most insurance companies limit it to 420 for Full auto, 500 for sniper rifles, and 330 for CQB/Night games. At least from what I understand.
  6. Hmm is that some 10.5 inch barrel with a KAC QD silencer and a ACOG? Might as well contribute something while I'm here...
  7. Because you know they don't do that in the Real Steel world. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y282/poor...r/S12-RANGE.jpg
  8. Lolwut? Doesn't everyone say that?
  9. CZ-805 EDIT:BTW I have no idea. I just remember seeing that picture with that label before.
  10. No no no. I didn't mean this was an argument. I meant the color change between pictures of a plate carrier reminded me of an argument from a week ago.
  11. Hmm this reminds me of an argument from a week ago...
  12. Lol oh well. I wanted to convert mine to work but my radio died and I realized how over rated radios were(for play at my local anyway) so I never bothered.
  13. I'm loving the handset. I'm using one with the TS MBITR as well.
  14. Hmm thought it were a bit of a MSD
  15. LS your loadout looks kinda light. Maybe add a standalone grenade launcher in addition to the M203. Oh and a .50 cal Machine gun too.
  16. 800x600 pixels is proper forum etiquette these days.
  17. You're talking about darkcell's pictures right? The guys with the Berrettas are EOD. SEALs phased out the Mk23. They use Sig P226s now.
  18. Lol dishwashing liquid did nothing. I used them both with the strap and the swing arms. They way they're designed they stay pretty tight against your face either way.
  19. Most pointless airsoft purchase I've ever made right there. Wore them once. They fogged like a mother *fruitcage* and then got the *fruitcage* scratched out of them when they fall off my vest. I use them at the RS range for safety glasses though.
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