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  1. This gets suggested like every three pages hahaha.
  2. Thought about getting the MC IBH?
  3. Oh I had the G&P version and I think a silencer would have fit but I never checked. Get an EOtech or a knockoff. It just seems to flow well with the gun as far as target acquisition. It also looks pretty kickass.
  4. There's something so perfect about that look on an MP5. IMHO it's by far the best look and I regret selling my foregrip light all the time. Haha
  5. Uhh they have the micro EGAs just not the printed EGA on the front. It's real MARPAT.
  6. Uhh then why do I have genuine MARPAT in mah closet? And why's the local recruiter giving out boonies in MARPAT(No EGA mind you)? Also there's other versions of MARPAT that they're probably wearing. Like the stuff Propper makes probably not 5.11. It's too expensive in most departments opinions. EDIT: And please resize that picture. Please.
  7. If they're all Gen IIIs I'll eat my shoe* *Note: Cheeseburger may be substituted for shoe.
  8. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. What happens when someone turns on a high powered flash light and blinds you all?
  9. Looks like the ###### love child of a SCAR and a FN FAL
  10. What they're getting at is that CAW is an airsoft company. Milkor and the like are real steel companies.
  11. On the Remington 700 "The rifle was chambered for .308 Winchester cartridge as well as the .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .300 Remington Ultra Magnum."
  12. poorieuser


    http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=88575 http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=14042 Do we really need a thread for a specific sniper rifle when there exists two threads about sniper rifles already?
  13. That's got to be a repost for the sheer fact that it's awesome. I think it's been done though.
  14. Isn't the body made by Magpul? A very airsoft friendly RS company?
  15. They've both got good points ya know?
  16. Lol. It does peel a bit if the AC is up high in my room. When I'm at a game in the heat or what not it works fine.
  17. 1)Because I have 500 glue sticks in a bag somewhere. 2)Those pictures were all taken at the sometime lol. Guess the flash makes it look different. I put my suitcase away. Now the cat wants nothing to do with me haha. As for the IR Square, I just slapped it on for the pic and wasn't paying attention. It's on correctly now fwiw. 3)Any of the Hong Kong sellers have cheap IBH's with the NVG mount now. Got mine from WGC. Boomarms, RSOV, and a couple others have them as well.
  18. Forgot to post these here I think. EDIT: The glue doesn't look so bad irl. Just the flash I think.
  19. What this man said. You're an idiot. Have you ever looked at the price of a leatherman versus a Swiss Army knife. Hey let's quote some prices from my Campmor Catalog. Leatherman Kick 29.95. Knife, wire cutters, Phillips Screwdriver, flathead and a set of pliers. Victorinox Climber 29.99. Blade, scissors, corckscrew. Not your most useful field tool. I use them to circle maps all the time at games.
  20. Hence my solution that involves both? I was just thinking about the pistol being somewhat centered. It seems like it'd get in the way as you try to get to your mags where having the pistol moved back to your side would keep it out of the way. Maybe it's just my personal preference.
  21. Get a proper Admin pouch for your knife and marker and it'll look pretty kick *albatross*. Imho swiss army knifes, while useful, aren't very tactical. I'd also move the M4 pouches over a few columns of Webbing so it looks more centered.
  22. I'm guessing an eHobby Asia plate Carrier.
  23. Lol the helium makes the rig lighter.
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