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  1. How is the build quality on the FMA? Wobble or solid? Have you tried if a real dovetail would fit?
  2. Thats the stupidest release since the ASCU Gen 1. OMG............. What the hell took so many years to complete. I guess it must be all the broken ASCU that they have to replace. lol
  3. That A&K looks VERY good externally. But why the hell has it been removed from Taiwangun :'(
  4. A&K PTW in stock here http://www.taiwangun.com/karabiny_szturmowe_aeg/a_k_twm4-a1_a_k.html
  5. I want that, so much more than i want the G&D
  6. Please illustrate that with pictures.
  7. Well should need much work to make the Chimera work with the New-V2. But of cause priority is V2, V3, V7 etc. since the market segment is much larger
  8. quite confusing. 2 painted vs 2 engraved. How deep are the engravings then? I need to remove them entirely.
  9. Are the markings on the receiver painted or engraved? If painted, have easy are they to scrape off?
  10. Is it a WE with a new frame?
  11. MSA TC SOGH OPS-Core H-Nape Norotos NVG Mount MS2000 JGK MS2000 mount* Contour Mount.
  12. Where do you guys buy these facebook "LIKE" patches?
  13. Mine is based on a KJW KP-07, which is almost identical to the KJW 1911 everything is almost plug n' play. You will need to drill and grind a few places to get it to work.
  14. Not as beautiful as the other posted. But since mine runs on CO2 it is impossible to add the magwell
  15. Who doesn't ship to Denmark. Some where, where i can buy Maruis version?
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