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    Project Completed August 09: Noveske N6 Leonidas Custom
    Project Completed August 08: Knight's SR25 Mk.11 Mod.11 XM110
    Project Completed April 08: Noveske N4 Diplomat
    Project Completed May 07: Noveske N4 CQB
    KART M14 EBR
    G&P SAM-R
    ICS MP5A3
    TM VSR-10 Pro Sniper
    TM S-System
    TM G36
    TM SOCOM Mk23
    KWA USP Compact
    KSC Glock 23f x2
    KSC Glock 19 x2
    KSC Clock 18c
    TM M1911 A1
    WE Dragon Hi-Capa 5.1
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    B****ks s**t w**K, or if in a good mood "no worries mate"
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    United Kingdom

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    Middlesex, London
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    Airsoft of course!!<br />Mountain Biking...'get out the way u crazy pedestrian!!'<br />Films... dont even get me started<br />Reading...hurry up Mr Clancy and release a new book/s<br />Clubbing....no i won't put u on the guest list, what a twit!
  1. No Trace 13


    Thought I would add a few of my little lady.
  2. No Trace 13

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Here is my little contribution. Oh boy it wasnt easy finding a silencer that would with a torched front end i can tell you!

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