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    Project Completed August 09: Noveske N6 Leonidas Custom
    Project Completed August 08: Knight's SR25 Mk.11 Mod.11 XM110
    Project Completed April 08: Noveske N4 Diplomat
    Project Completed May 07: Noveske N4 CQB
    KART M14 EBR
    G&P SAM-R
    ICS MP5A3
    TM VSR-10 Pro Sniper
    TM S-System
    TM G36
    TM SOCOM Mk23
    KWA USP Compact
    KSC Glock 23f x2
    KSC Glock 19 x2
    KSC Clock 18c
    TM M1911 A1
    WE Dragon Hi-Capa 5.1
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    B****ks s**t w**K, or if in a good mood "no worries mate"
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    United Kingdom

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    Middlesex, London
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    Airsoft of course!!<br />Mountain Biking...'get out the way u crazy pedestrian!!'<br />Films... dont even get me started<br />Reading...hurry up Mr Clancy and release a new book/s<br />Clubbing....no i won't put u on the guest list, what a twit!
  1. No Trace 13

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Two of my pieces which I got around to painting.
  2. No Trace 13


    Thought I would add a few of my little lady.
  3. No Trace 13

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I decided my VSR 10 needed some sprucing up, so out came the Krylon and this what happened. Not superb but not bad considering its only the second gun that i have painted imho.
  4. No Trace 13

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Right here are some picture of my latest creation, pretty much complete I'm just waiting for the sniper stock to arrive and it will be done.
  5. No Trace 13

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Here is my little contribution. Oh boy it wasnt easy finding a silencer that would with a torched front end i can tell you!

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