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    Operation Sa Yong, Catterick FIBUA, UK

    Operation Sa Yong, a Stirling Services AOW event. PLACES LIMITED TO 100 Operation Sa Yong, Catterick Urban Ops Facility, March 18-19th 2006. Price £70 (Deposit £35) With the UN unable to continue controlling the Korean conflict the world looks on. News reports of special forces groups operating on both sides of the de-militarised zone have grown from whispers and now the future appears as bleak as it was in the summer of 2004. The battle is now taken to Suwon, close to the South Korean Capital. A detachment of US Infantry and Korean counterparts are stationed in the town as North Korea strikes a daring attack over the DMZ and into their territory. Whether the North gain this town is down to you, the Korean AOW storyline will go in different directions depending on this battle. Further details and updates are in our ASCUK forum and also on www.stirlingservices.com Start turning up from Friday night, game starts 10am Saturday and runs continuously through to midday Sunday. The Forces North Koreans Deserts/ Muticam Allies Woodland/ DPM/ Marpat The Facility The site is converted from an old Officers Estate and been updated and altered to the needs of the British Army and also the Infantry Training Centre next door. The sight runs from inside the treeline next to the large hangar on the right of picture and extends to the left of shot (excluding the field in the bottom left). The site extends to the bottom of the picture but excludes the bottom complex of HQ buidlings. Now for the interesting part, the site includes a 5 storey tower block, a train track with carriages, too many burnt out tanks and vehicles to count, 4 fixed APC's at one end of the site for debussing into the village and also a full tunnel system. Plus when do you get to fight in a housing estate??? Plenty more areas of interest such as trenches and a full soundsystem playing battle noise. Stirling Style of Play Stirling big games are some of the most intense experiences in airsofting, to achieve this we need people to play it in a certain way. The games will start at 10am Saturday and run through till Midday Sunday. There is a safe area to sleep in but equally you can carry on playing through the night and secure buildings. You can choose to sleep in buildings that you control but you must keep eye protection on all night and expect to the possibility of being turfed out by an attack. The games work best if everyone gets into the spirit of it and stays fighting till the end on sunday. Remember, the outcome of the AOW storyline is down to those who attend. Cost, Booking and Gaming location £70 per person. with a £35 non-refundable deposit sent with your booking form. Booking form can be found on our website and ASCUK forum. Please specify your unit you wish to play as only if you can dress appropriately as we try to enforce a uniform rule but tape will be used if neccessary. Places are first come first served unfortunately. Arrival is from late Friday Afternoon, all players must book in on Friday. Electricity is available for charging of batteries. The directions to the gaming location will be posted closer the time. Venue is- Whinney Hill Urban Ops Village, Catterick, North Yorkshire. Food and Shop Pyro and bb's will be on sale as well, full list of pyro available will be made public closer the date. Catering options are to be announced. Over 24 hours of intense gaming at a top UK military training facility, book now to avoid dissapointment! Pm me for the booking office address or if you have any further questions.

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