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  1. Can Patreon be used "like a shop" ? I was under the impression its a "gief moneehz monthly" -type thing. I kinda doubt people would find their way there... Etsy shop seems doable. How and where to market is the problem.
  2. Considoring the time takes to print just one + assembly and testing, i most likely wont be working much with retailers. I might be able to offer some discount but mainly to "give one" for the showroom if a retailer were interested. There are some youtubers interested in doing a review but same rules apply, small discount, maybe. News-sites seem to go thru every tacticool belt-clip, i'm not sure these are much of a material for those sites. Nor would they care much... I doubt any offer front-page time for free. I wasnt planning on making a living off these guns in particular. Its more of a market-study. Long-term goal would be to fund me a new 3D printer able to some bigger things... And bigger things i very, VERY much have in mind. I come from a country that has deep history and beliefs on freedom of speech. If Facebook wants to limit that then i shall gladly stay out of it. Considoring how dangerous it is to speak about airsoft or guns in FB i've seen a bit of a rise in forum activity, local forums mostly. I did wake up my user-profiles on various sites. Airsoft-Sociaty seems to bugged or something, new users are not registered even when mail if varified. If someone has a user there, do post about it in the forums for me. Is there a "list" of large/active forums? Reddit to be honest just outright looks such a mess i'd rather skip that all together unless i can make it look like normal discussion board.
  3. Facebooks eternal crusade against freedom of speech and friggin toy guns has caused an exodus of small-time devs who are now returning to "where it all started" and to be honest, its good to be back... So. For the last few years i've been 3D modeling and 3D printing LOTS of airsoft stuff. Recently i've taken "the next step" and created what can be considored as the very first serial-produced airsoft gun in/from Finland... Aaaand then i was purged from just about every airsoft group in FB :D Anyways. I can leave Facebook as it is but i need a place to post my R&D topics for my current and future projects. I also want the community involved in these projects. Second is purely marketing. Facebook is kinda of a mysterious thing in all this. Some retailers have free reign on marketing what ever, where ever and however. Examples being Evike and from real steel H&K. How do they do it and not get censored? Other than that, what other marketing channels are there for "low number production runs" ? Theres a dozen of these bad boys in the first batch and they need a new home.
  4. swatti

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    If you wanna make it last, forget the kit, just buy upgrades instead. Basicly ALL parts can be found as upgrades or off hardware stores. I still dont know why the triggerbox is different, mine is STILL the closed-bolt box and runs fine. Get the steel hopup, Angry Gun bolt and mod the CB bolt-catch into a OB bolt-catch, its the best there is for its place. The RA-tech "reinforced one" is meant for RA-tech bolt and sits too low for OEM and Angry Gun bolt. I'd also recommend avoiding RA-tech parts "when possible" but sadly they are the only ones making the hop from steel. Only part you may need to source out a bit further is the round thingy between the reciever and the hopup, all others you can find as upgrades and like i said, the trigger-box runs fine as it is. EDIT: i do have to mention, at this point you are quite close to GHK too. Personaly im dropping WE because the CO2 mags are poop and the gas mags cant be DH-modded. Second hand WE is also not very valuable, you'l lose more money in it compared to GHK
  5. swatti

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    We Co2-mags are unique in a way that they don't use nailon-based pressure-locked seals, instead they use regular O-rings held in place by the assembly and the valve is simply pushed past them to open... The design is pure brilliance as there is only two O-rings, both replaceable by regular O-rings. AKA : put some effort in and these mags are leak-proof, forever. Problem is, most ppl are incapable of going to nearby hardware store and buy those O-rings, instead, they cry about how bad their mags are on various forums.
  6. swatti

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Whoah! Just read thru the topic, yes, ALL pages. Some interesting stuff here. Anyways, having a bit of byers remorse here. GHK vs WE : gas-efficancy. You see, I'm using refillable 12g Co2 capsules and filling those in the field. Fitting the capsules in the mag itself and filling them thru the tightening cap I can get approx 8-10g of Co2 in the mag. This does get me a full 30rd dump and bolt lock but the final shots are very lazy. It seems the GHK is much better in this regard.
  7. swatti

    Gear & guns

    "Tools of the trade"
  8. swatti

    IMG 0272

    * Sound of exessive projectile vomit *
  9. swatti


    Rated "R" as in Retarded! All the stupid things one can do to a gun... Here some of em.
  10. swatti

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    "You've been offically BROBED!" *pinch his shirt*
  11. swatti

    The American way of stopping traffic...

    Hmm... Inflatable missles, rope to the nose, tie it to your car... Oh god, i gotta try this!

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